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Friday, November 6, 2009

K.C.'s favorite cat toy . . .

I've bought here plenty of balls.  She'd got cat-nip mice galore.  She even has butterflies and lady bugs made of felt to bat around.  So what is K.C.'s most favorite cat toy of all?

That's right.  An empty drum from my Accu-Check Compact.  Of course, given the opportunity, she'd love to chance to swat around my pump tubing for a while.  I've managed to hold her off on that - so far . . . .


  1. Too funny. Cats are so weird yet entertaining that way. Katsi is too old for toys but every once in awhile, he still likes his rubber bands.

  2. i have plenty of cat toys for my cats too, they are all around the house..but their favorite 'toys' are pencils, twist ties, the rim from the milk bottle and dish towels~!

  3. that is so cute. I just love kitties!

  4. Sometimes I put the cap from a syringe inside an empty test strip bottle, it makes a great shaker toy for El Magnifico! ;-)

  5. ugh, kitty and pump tubing. they love the stuff, i've discovered.

  6. That is too funny! It's just like babies - you spend all sorts of money on expensive toys and they want to play with the empty cracker box!
    Dr. Marie of Ask A Vet Question and Pet-Product-Review.com.


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