2013 Participant List

What is Diabetes Blog Week? Click here for an explanation and to sign up.  You can also check out what the topics are over here.

Diabetes Blog Week

Participant list is in order based on when I received your sign-up information.

Karen of Bitter-Sweet
Vicki Gibbs of Vicki's Notebook
Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me.
Ali Connell of Insulin and Iron
Jocelyn Foster of Alberta Diabetic Girl
Alanna of Life on T1
Robin of KC & Company: Keep Calm and Carry On
Carlyn of One Unit at a Time
Kim of Texting My Pancreas
Tim Brand of Bleedingfinger Blog
Katie Mahowald of Diabetic Advocate
Briley of InDpendence
Leighann of D-Mom Blog
Jacquie Wojcik of Typical Type 1
Kate of Sweet Success: My Life with Type 2 Diabetes
Laura Gibson of A1-Conceive!
Erin of Life Beyond Glucose
Naomi Kingery of The Diabetic Diva
Melissa T of Type1@18
Tracy Ripley of My Life With The Superhero and The Princess
Kelley Kent of Below-Seven
StephenS of Happy-Medium.net
Jasmine of Silver-Lined
Sarah Johnson of Sagwabetes
Elizabeth of Life or something like it
Alecia of SurfaceFine
Christel of ThePerfectD
Denise of T1Together
Maria Q of Climbing Diabetes
Rachel Lamb of Diabordinary
Sysy Morales of The Girl's Guide to Diabetes
Pam Osborne of Adventures In Diabetes Parenting
George Simmons of Ninjabetic
Elina of Restless Fingers
Stacy of Our Life With D
hannah of the bad diabetic
Kelly Booth of Trials & Tribulations of Being a Type 1 Diabetic
Mindy Bartleson of Yes, I have Type 1 Diabetes. No my life is not over
Scott E of Rolling in the D
Jennifer Hoffman of T1D Mom blog
Colleen of d-meanderings
Stacey D. of The Girl with the Portable Pancreas
Carla Queen of Queen Mother and her Sweet Type 1 Princess
Scott K. Johnson of Scott's Diabetes
Judith Atwood of Diabetic Redemption
Tristan of Based on a True Story
Céline of Running on Carbs
Mike Durbin of My Diabetic Heart
Beth S of Seeking Six
Allison Nimlos of The Blood Sugar Whisperer
Heather of Sweet to the Soul
Tarra Robinson of My Crazy Life with My Diabetic Service Dog
Karen Jensen of Dandelions Daisies and Diabetes
Emily Moore of Icarus and Daedalus
RenzaS of Diabetogenic
Ashley of Bittersweet Diagnosis
Landileigh Nelson of Landileigh's Little World
Jessica of Mastering Me
Paul Cathcart of Persona non grata with diabetes
Megan of type 1x3 that's me
KimH of kd-and it's not Kraft dinner
Michael Aviad of Diabetes - It's an Endurance Sport
Jane of Running Without Sugar
Jenn Christensen of Sweet Zoo
Pearlsa of A Girl's Reflections
Ilana Lucas of Diaturgy
Carol Early Cooney of The 9 Inch Plate
Heather Gabel of Unexpected Blues
Amy T, Mike H & the Team of DiabetesMine.com
Stacey Simms of Stacey Simms
Angie of Organised Chaos
Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary
Martin Wood of Diabetically Speaking
Gina Capone of Diabetes Talkfest
Mila of Jaime, mi dulce guerrero
Jess Collins of Me and D
Liz of Welcome to my Diabetic Life
Girl Glycosylated of Girl Glycosylated
Brooke Broome of madisolivia
Meri of Our Diabetic Life
Sarah of smartDpants
Joanne of Death of a Pancreas
Carrie Cravens of My Unemployed Pancreas
Jessica of one girls diabetic life
Josie Levine of Mindfully Managing Diabetes. Mindfulness Matters
Barb Wagstaff of Diabetes Advocacy
Danielle Rawlings of Wife Mom Pancreas
Linds Swanson of livinglikelinds
Bob Pedersen of T Minus Two
Chelcie Rice of Diabetes Is No Joke
Andrea Bard of The Nonsense In My Head
Aliza Chana Zaleon of Aliza with Diabetes and Health in My Mind
My Diabetic Journey of My Diabetic Journey
Camille Massie of Return of the Suicide Curves
Sarah of La Osita
Jess of Nacho Blog
Marie of Joybenchmarks
Bea Dominguez of Cranky Pancreas
Hilary of RainieAndMe
Nicole (Cara's Mom) of The We CARA Lot Blog
Lea of Luvleamum.com
Melissa Lee of Sweetly Voiced
Kim Henshaw of 1 Type 1
Matt Cameron of Insulin pumps need Tetris
Ann Bartlett of HealthCentral.com
Chris Stocker of The Life of a Diabetic
Theresa of Type 1 Tot
Scott Benner of Arden's Day
UnstoppableSobriety of Own your lasting sobriety
Karen Hoffman of Blah Blah Bklyn
hello of life without diabetes
Kelly Kunik of Diabetesaliciousness
Charity of T1Dream
See Jen Dance of See Jen Dance
FatCatAnna of The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes
Penny of A Sweet Grace
Shannon Eichelberger of An American in Dublin
Carolyn aka "Queenie" of Life of Queenie
Melissa of Meandering Thru Life
Michelle Brooks of The Rockin' Ink Star
Sara of Moments of Wonderful
Kathy of my new islets
Lora of My Diabetic Child
Jo of Fingerpricker
Reva of TypeONEderful
Brian Q. of (Buzz, Buzz) Not My Cell
Amelia Schwiebert of Dog goes to College
Jessica Apple of The Natural Diabetic
Emma of Teapot Diabetic
Corina of BlueInsulinPumps
Rhonda B of Fifteen Wait Fifteen
Lainie of My Every Day Life w/T1D
Sarah Holbrook of My Life With Needles
Mary of Jesus, Me, and Diabetes
Meredith of with a side of insulin
Denise Mom of Bean of My Sweet Bean and Her Pod
Hannah Hamlin of Finding Balance
Hallie Addington of The Princess and The Pump
Mrs. Harer of Mrs. Harer's Hollow
Georgie Peters of Lazy Pancreas
Jen of Fraiche Bleu
Kirsten of Pretty Pancreas
Wendy of Candy Hearts Blog
Ashleigh Doss of Dreams of Lewis
Wendy Pike of Livin' Life in D-Now
Susan of The Plant Based Journey
Diabetes Australia Vic of Diabetes Australia Vic Blog
Heather Garcia Queen of Insulin Resilience
Kris of My Sugar Bugs
Elizabeth of Pray, Love, Learn
Marjorie of Labrador Sweet
Shara Bialo of Diabetic Doc
katy of Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
Grem of endocrinegremlin
Rachel of ProbablyRachel
Laura of A Type Two Life
Jeff Mather of Jeff Mather's Dispatches
Sara Fant of The Pump and the Second Hand
Heidi of The D-Log Cabin
Misty of Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
Quiana Duckett of Be Mommylicious
Angela Major of our healthy (diabetic) life
Daisy of Diabetic Dais
Ryanne of Ryanne May I?
Kris and the team of The Diabetes Monster
Ericka Bryant of Love Is All You Want
the Blue Heel Society of Blue Heel Society
Karen of Pancreastic Motherhood
Brea Ishler of Just a Sweet Teen Trying to Survive
Amy O. of Naturally Sweet Sisters
PreD Nicole of The PreD Blog
racing1957 of Racing1957
Liz of Lizabetic
Alison of D-Rookie
Shannon Anne of A Diabetic Friend
Carey Tarr of Diabetsy
Kelly of Kailana Mama
Kelly Renee of Semi Sweet Threads
Katie of 1LittlePrick
Carol of Progress Trumps Perfection
Kathleen Weaver of Living with Diabetes and lapband
Miriam of So Much More Than Lyrics
Maryna E of Living with Diabetes (and wearing a smile)
Jeanette Terry of Diabetic Connect
Paul of Type One Fun
Katie of Princess of Pavement
Samantha Zimnock of Never Surrender... To Your Broken Pancreas
Brenda of Blogabetes
b2212 of Sweet and Sour- The Type 1 Diabetes Rollercoaster
Anne of diabetes blogs around the world
Dave of The Tangerine Diabetic
Haley of Diabeteicchaley
Andrea of No Retreat No Surrender
Claudia Labate of Labate Lab
Jamie Tadrzynski of Education of the Heart
Carey of Blogabetes
Jen of Blood, Sweat & Carbs
LD of A day in the Life
Jenny Sutherland of Sugar Beat
Jamie of Flying Furballs
Rose of diabud
Khurt Williams of Island in the Net
Bridget Winter of Bridget Writes
JVBC of Who Said Sugar is Sweet?
Rhonda Fuselier of Two Too Sweet
Christopher Snider of A Consequence of Hypoglycemia
Joanna of Sweetnd Truth
Jessi of It's A Beautiful, Ugly, Mystery
Traci Wennerhol'm of Burnt Apple
Shannon M of No More Shots for Shannon
Maya of The Sweet Life