Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wish every month was November.

You probably know by now that November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.  Every D-Blog I click over to is on board and working hard to spread the word.  But how many people outside the D-OC know that it's Diabetes Awareness Month?  I haven't seen any billboards.  No T.V. commercials.  No products on my grocery store shelves are sporting blue labels and pledging to donate to a cure.  My friends, there is still a whole lot of awareness that needs to be spread.  Here are some events I know of that are helping to do just that.

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. The campaign this year is focusing on Diabetes Awareness and Prevention.  Be sure to proudly wear blue, participate in the Big Blue Test and take part in any activities going on near you.

Stop Diabetes is a new multi-year movement launched by the American Diabetes Association.  The aim here is to confront diabetes, fight diabetes and STOP diabetes.  Check out the site where you can join the movement.  You'll also find diabetes info, food and fitness tips and links to community events.  You can even share your diabetes story or video. For every story shared, $5 will be donated to the ADA.

The aim of EyeSmart is to spread awareness about diabetic eye disease. I've seen many posts about the fear of going blind due to diabetes and that fear is not unfounded. According to the EyeSmart site diabetes is a leading cause of vision loss among Americans. Yet many of us are lax about getting our yearly dilated eye exam. I know I was, until my eye doctor found a leaky vessel in my eye in January 2008.  Since that time, I've been diligent about getting my eyes checked every six months.  Each time I go, the leak from the previous time has cleared up but another tiny leak is found.  So far, they are tiny enough to warrant nothing more than close monitoring.  My next appointment is already set up for March.  Are you ready to get "EyeCommitted" to saving your sight?  If so, click on the widget in my sidebar to find out more.
**Disclosure: I received this widget from a marketing agency.  As part of the eyeSmart initiative, a prize is offered to the blogger who generates the most awareness through their widget.  However, I am not posting the widget because I think I have a shot at the grand prize (although I would be thrilled to win).  I am posting the widget because I personally believe eye disease awareness and prevention is vitally important.**

What do you have planned to spread awareness and education this month? What interesting events and sites have you found?


  1. I have a big surprise planned for World Diabetes Day but have not mentioned it anywhere yet. Well, until now.

    I'll also be doing The Big Blue Test of course and who knows what else.

  2. Thanks for this info, Karen.

    And George - will you PLEEEAAASSEE make sure I hear about your big surprise soon? Can't wait!


  3. Thanks for helping get the word out and helping to raise diabetes awareness! And I clicked your widget, good luck.

  4. Good stuff happening. Wish it was more prominent outside of the interwebs though.

    wv: teret
    Ha ha. I do get a case of the terets when I'm really mad. It happens.


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