2016 Participant List

Participant list is in order based on when your sign-up information was received. 
Karen of Bitter~Sweet
Rachel of Probably Rachel
Savanna of DiabeteSavanna
Annie Astle of The Understudy Pancreas
Jennifer H. of Bustin' Diabetes for Justin
Kelly K of Diabetesaliciousness
Tamra Garcia of Diabetes Odyssey
Photograbetic of Photograbetic
Justine of I am Type One
Grainne Flynn of Blood Sugar Trampoline
Rick Phillips of RADiabetes
Pam Durant of Diabetic in the Middle East
Katie of Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes
Emma of Teapot Diabetic
Maria M of My Life: A Long Trip with T1D (Walking the Dragon)
Brittany Gilleland of The Diabetic Journey
Kayla Brown of Kayla's Life Notes
April of mygirlblogs
Heather Gabel of The Chronic Scholar
Katy of Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
Vicki of Vicki's Notebook
Cassie of KDA not DKA
Susannah of Sugarpie
Pam Osborne of Adventures In Diabetes Parenting
Daley Kinsey of I Run on Batteries
RenzaS / Diabetogenic of Diabetogenic
Polina of T1D and Gluten-Free
Frank of Type 1 Writes
Bec of Sweet and Sour- The T1D Rollercoaster
Alanna Stockley of Life on T1
Sarah of Coffee & Insulin
Niki B of Discombobulated Diabetic
Sparrow of BS and INsillion with my Sugar Bear
Laura Heitert of Laura Heitert's Blog
Jenn Christensen of Sweet Zoo
Molly Schreiber of And then you're at Jax
Maureen of Mum of type 1
Sugar High Sugar low - Amina of Sugar High Sugar Low
Molly Johannes of Molly Johannes--Growing up with Diabetes
Rachel Zinman of Yoga For Diabetes
Briley of InDpendence
Brian (BSC) of The Trials of Type 2 Diabetes
Naomi Kingery Ruperto of The Diabetic Diva
Healthy Beeps of Healthy Beeps
Beth of Seeking Six
Mindy Bartleson of There's More to the Story: LIFE, Diabetes, and Mental Health
Mike Durbin of My Diabetic Heart
Heather Key of Random musings!
Carmen of ThePodFiles
LRM of Juvenile Onset Diabetics Rants & Raves... Other Stuff Too
Dan Browne of naked sucrose
Kristen of My Pancreas Went on Vacation
Mike Hoskins of DiabetesMine
Type 1 Diabeater of Type 1 Diabeater
Steffi of PEP ME UP
Michelle Francis-Winer of ZenSweet Life
Kelley of Below-Seven
Therese Balistrieri of Igotosleepcountingteststripsinsteadofsheep
Susan C of One Step Closer to the Cure
Laddie Lindahl of Test Guess and Go
Tarra and Duchess of My Crazy Life with My Diabetic Service Dog
Ilana Lucas of Diaturgy
Lesley of Principles of Uncertainty
Stephen Shaul of Happy Medium
Mollie Singer - curemoll of curemoll
Stacey Simms of Off the Dial
Joanne of Death of a Pancreas
Edson da Silva of Diabetes Diamantina
lynnshell78 aka shelly jardine of lynnshell78
Ashleigh Ricardo of Dreams of Lewis
Maryam of sugarandneedles
MarytheFair of Sweetest Lowdown
Andrea of Living with D and CD
DiabetesSisters of DiabetesSisters
Penny of A Sweet Grace
Erin Spineto of Sea Peptide Salties- Changing Diabetics Into Adventurers
AL Bricks of Keeping My BS in Check
Melinda of Twice Diabetes
Georgie of Lazy Pancreas
Kimberly Hislop of Confessions of a Deniabetic
Vic Peace of Along came type1
Wendy of Candy Hearts Blog
Colleen of d-meanderings
Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me
Hope of MyPinkPancreas
Angie of Organised Chaos
Sylvia White -Parenting Diabetes of Parenting Diabetes
Louise of Always time for tea
Christel of The Perfect D
Gem Assebbab of glutenfreediabetes
Avery of Do Bears Eat Insulin?
Morgan Anderson of A life of Sparkles & Sugar
Shannon M of No More Shots for Shannon
Charli Guerin of Adventures with LADA
Heather Garcia Queen of Insulin Resilience
ProjectBlueNovember of ProjectBlueNovember
Chris Stocker of The Life of a Diabetic
Sarah MacLeod of What Sarah Said
Ally of Very Light, No Sugar
Kristin Ewing, APR of Mischievous Kristin
Alyssa of The Pumptastic Scot
April B. of Nerdy April's Space Adventures
Alecia of SurfaceFine
Megan - I am a Type 1 Diabetic Warrior of I am a Type 1 Diabetic Warrior
Courtney of Pancreassassin
TheSavvyDiabetic of The Savvy Diabetic
Martin Wood of Diabetically Speaking
Scott E of Rolling in the D
Futuregrl123 of Futuregrl123
Emily of Icarus & Daedalus
Samantha @ GraceMark Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching of GraceMark Musings
Tanya of The Leveled Life
Reyna of Beta Buddies
Suzanne of 1 Sweet Cookie
Trudy of Tudiabetes
Stefany Shaheen of Elle and Coach
Audra M. Smith of Shambly Chic
Reva of Type ONEderful
Michele Tuck-Ponder of Diabetes while Black
Trip Stoner of My Dear Pancreas
T1mum of T1 mum
See Jen Dance of See Jen Dance
Thomas of Thomas' diabetes blog
Sarah of Insulin Pens Don't Have Ink
Courtney of Not Without Reservations
Kerri Arista of My T1 Diabetes
Tina of Stick With It Sugar
Arlene Skinner of Cut the BS...I mean blood sugar!!!
Kim Henshaw of 1 type 1
Sarah of Type One Sarah