Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Low Symptom . . . .

I was a mere 2 hours into my 6 1/2 hour flight Sunday (which was almost more like 7 because we boarded on time but took off over 30 minutes late). Suddenly a wave of homesickness hit. It didn't seem odd - I like to travel but I also always miss home too. But when the homesickness got so strong that I found tears streaming down my cheeks I knew something wasn't right. The first thing I thought to do was check my blood sugar. 34. It seems that I had silenced my low alarm while napping in my seat.

Once I treated it, I found I didn't feel the aching homesickness any more. But during the remaining (LONG) hours of the flight, my low alarm would go off every time I started to feel the homesick feelings creeping back in.

Just when I think I know all symptoms of a low, diabetes tosses a new one at me. How about you? Have you found any new low symptoms recently?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Awkward Moments . . . .

awkwardIn my opinion, I’m one of the most awkward people around.  And I have diabetes, which is awkward in its own ways.  Misconceptions, being tethered to a medical device, lows and highs that mess with my head . . . .  diabetes is rife with awkward landmines.  And that’s the topic of my latest post over at The Loop.  Feel free to check out my most memorable awkward diabetes moments.

How about you?  Do you have any awkward diabetes moments you’d care to share?

** My Medtronic disclosure can be found here. **

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bernd das Brot . . . .

When Pete and I used to take ballroom dance lessons, our half-German instructor told us about a puppet called Bernd das Brot.  Pete and I stumbled across his “Musikvideo" on YouTube and it stuck with us.  Our American Muppets have nothing on Bernd!

Anyway, his name translates to Bernd the Breadloaf, but I’ve always thought of him as Burnt Bread.  So why am I thinking of him today?  Well, unlike Mr. Breadloaf (who isn’t really burnt), I have moved well beyond lightly toasted and fallen full on into the flames.

The worst part of my current bout with burnout is that I have an endo appointment on Monday.  I did get my labs done, so there is one point in my favor.  However, the fact that I haven’t worn a sensor all week is going to leave a pretty big info gap in my pump download.  Every day I promise myself I’ll insert a new sensor tomorrow.  And every tomorrow I put it off yet another day.  I’m also randomly grazing and bolusing instead of counting carbs and eating actual meals.  My Fitbit is laughing at me because I’m barely getting any steps in.  And the leftover Halloween candy considers me its new best friend based how often I visit.

So I’m dreading Monday’s appointment even more than usual.  My endo is great and I’ll be completely honest with him about what is going on.  But I can’t help but be very embarrassed to admit how little I care about my diabetes these days.

Just call me Burnt das Karen.