2014 Participant List

What is Diabetes Blog Week? Click here for an explanation.  You can also check out what the topics are over here.

Diabetes Blog Week

Participant list is in order based on when I received your sign-up information.

Karen of Bitter~Sweet
Amy, Mike and Team of DiabetesMine
Laddie Lindahl of Test Guess and Go
Briley of InDpendence
Kelly K of Diabetesaliciousness
Kim Vlasnik of Texting My Pancreas
Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me.
Alanna of Life on T1
Moira McCarthy of Despite Diabetes
Rachel of Refreshing D
Kelley of Below Seven
Rachel of Probably Rachel
Christel Marchand Aprigliano of The Perfect D
Vicki of Vicki's Notebook
meredith of with a side of insulin
Kev Winchcombe of Circles of Blue
Amy of Naturally Sweet Sisters
Shara Bialo of Diabetic Doc
Shannon Eichelberger of An American in Dublin
StephenS of Happy Medium
Sarah Grace of Coffee & Insulin
Kate Cornell of Sweet Success
Jocelyn Foster of Alberta Diabetic Girl
Sarah Johnson of Sagwabetes!
Jenn of Sweet Zoo
Cecilia of tutoo sweet
Leann Harris of Delphi Diabetes Coaching
Ilana of Diaturgy
Allison Nimlos of The Blood Sugar Whisperer
Maria Q of Climbing Diabetes
Mindy Bartleson of Telling Type 1 Diabetes Who's Boss
Linds Swanson of livinglikelinds
Daley Kinsey of I Run on Batteries
Melissa Lee of Sweetly Voiced
Jasmine of Silver-Lined
Erin of Life Beyond Glucose
Heidi of The D-Log Cabin
Mari Ruddy of Diabetes Exercise Game Changer
Stacey Simms of Stacey's Blog
Lawrence 'rick' Phillips Ed.D. of Lawrence 'rick' Phillips Ed.D.
Alyson Cheatham of The Diabetic Journal
McKenzie Horner of Diabatic
Bec of Sweet and Sour- The Type 1 Diabetes Rollercoaster
Pam Osborne of Adventures In Diabetes Parenting
Bob Pedersen of T Minus Two
Stu Ritchie of MarsbarLover
Carla Queen of Queen Mother and Her Sweet Girl
Kyle Morgan of Active Diabetic - An Ongoing Experiment
The diaTribe team of diaTribe
Naomi Kingery of The Diabetic Diva
The Faces of Diabetes of The Faces of Diabetes
Trudy of Tudiabetes
Heather of Beyond Your Peripheral Vision
Stacey D. of The Girl with the Portable Pancreas
Shonelle of Life With Injections
Gillian Forsyth of Endurance Diabetic
Vergara of Random Adventurite
Charity of T1Dream
Shannon Marengo of No More Shots for Shannon
Craig Le Fevre of The Human Pincushion Experiment
Tarra Robinson of My Crazy Life With My Diabetic Service Dog
Meri of Our Diabetic Life
Jessica of one girls diabetic life
Wendy Rose of Candy Hearts Blog
Sandy Brooks of Muddy Brooks
Richard Nagle of Rich the Diabetic
Mrs. Harer of Mrs. Harer's Hollow
Therese Balistrieri of Igotosleepcountingtesrstripsinsteadofsheep
Barb Wagstaff of Diabetes Advocacy
RenzaS of Diabetogenic
Carlyn of Life: One Unit at a Time
Angie of Organised Chaos
Carol Early Cooney of The 9 Inch Plate
Rhonda B of Fifteen Wait Fifteen
Mike Anderson of We R the Cure
Meagan in China of Tethered Expat
Stephanie Valponi of Stephanie Valponi
Haroon Naderi of AkibaH Blog
Kelly Booth of Trials & Tribulations of Being a Type 1 Diabetes
Juliana Lessa Queiroz Machado of Insulina Portátil
Mary Fairweather Dexter of Sweetest Lowdown
The Grumpy Pumper of The Grumpy Pumper
Mike Lawson of Socially Diabetic
Ginger Vieira of DiabetesDaily
Annie Astle of The Understudy Pancreas
Reva Berman of Type ONEderful
Kim Henshaw of 1type1
Colleen of Sweet Colleen - the grass is always bluer
Ninja of Ninjabetic - The Highs and Lows of a Ninjabetic Life
Kate Matthews of katet1d
Corina of Blue Insulin Pumps
Penny of A Sweet Grace
Jane of Running Without Sugar
April Blackwell of Nerdy April's Space Adventures
Emily Moore (Type MODY) of Icarus and Daedalus
Courtney - Pancreassassin of Pancreassassin
David Cragg of T1 Ramblings
Elly of Carb-counting kids
Tom Karlya of DiabetesDad
Marjorie C of Labrador Sweet
Scott Benner of Arden's Day
Jules Edwards of Steep Learning Curves
Sarah of Sarah at La Osita
Lesley (@poeticlibrarian) of Principles of Uncertainty
Chris Stocker of The Life of a Diabetic
Sally Marchini APD of Diabetes Counselling Online food blogs by an APD who has diabetes
Brenda Bell of Blogabetes - Brenda's Posts
Aliza Chana Zaleon of Aliza with Diabetes
Alexis Newell of Chronicles of D-Boy & Ribbon
Jennifer Hoffman of Bustin' Diabetes for Justin
Julie McCalpin of Girl Glycosylated
Steph Tomko of Type 1 and Running
Jillian O of Push My Buttons to Turn Me On
Scott Strange of Scott Strange
Sarah of Insulin Pens Don't Have Ink
Kim of kd(anditsnotkraftdinner!)
Hakima of TuDiabetes
Elizabeth Rowley of T1International
Sparrowmin of BS and INsillion with my Sugar Bear
George Simmons of Ninjabetic
Sarah/@smartDpants of smartDpants
Martin Wood of Diabetically Speaking
Alicia Dahl of Fit and Pumped
Colleen Skinner of dmeanderings
Céline Parent of Running on Carbs
Sue Rericha of RFamHere's Ramblings
Shawn O'Quinn of The Canadian Diabetes Care Guide
Jessica Apple of ASweetLife, The Natural Diabetic
Heather Garcia Queen of Insulin Resilience
Mike Durbin of My Diabetic Heart
Brian of (Buzz, Buzz) Not My Cell
Stacy of Our Life With D
James of t1dme
Rebecca Scott of The life behind a teenage diabetic
Kathy of my new islets
Joanne of Death of a Pancreas
Patti Taylor of Celebrating Health
Chris Kloetstra of T1D Dad
Mikael Rinnetmäki, Sensotrend of Making Sense of Diabetes Trends
Cori-Ann of SocialD Butterfly
Sara of Nita Cure
Daisy - Diabetic Dais of Diabetic Dais
Mike of Every Day Ups and Downs
Ashleigh Doss of Dreams of Lewis
April M of mygirlblogs
Elizabeth of Life or something like it.
Rachael of My Super Hero and D + A Diabetic Alert Dog Not!
Bennet Dunlap of Your Diabetes May Vary
Maryna E of Living with Diabetes
Jason Heinrich of The Heinrich Family
Quiana Duckett of Be Mommylicious
Joanne Milo of The Savvy Diabetic
Lizabetic of Lizabetic
Caleb Hatchett of Type One Trio
catherine price of Diabetes, Et Cetera (at ASweetLife.org)
Sam of Endocrine Gremlin
Jessica Grim of Chasing Lows
John Crowley and Friends of Diabetic Connect
Jen Loving of Blue Heel Society
Pam Durant of Diabetic in the Middle East
laura of pumpinglaura
Cath Mansen of diabetes a bordo: mi montaña rusa
Jen of Blood Drops & Braille Dots
Nadia Di Poce-Welsh of Bolus This
Alex O'Meara of asweetlife.org - The Other Side of Diabetes
mistressbinky of Monique A. Gordon
Chris Clem of Clem Gets Personal
Jen of Life on the Sunnyside
Karen argall gillary of Kgillary
Tim Brand of Bleedingfinger Blog
Scott E of Rolling in the D
Kelly Renee of Designer Diabetes
Michelle Green of My Pump Odyssey
Georgina Bell of My Blog About Important Things
Jen of See Jen Dance
Rhonda Fuselier of Two Too Sweet
Lonnie of Diabetes Diet Journal
Becky Thomson of Instructions Not Included
Phoebe Cliff of The Diabetic Medic
Tine of I Can Eat Everything
Marelize Batt of Marelize Batt
Amit Sharma of I Am Diabetic
Laetitia of Diabmum - Type 1 and future mom to be
Alicia Pescetti of Our Sugar Coated Life - Confessions of a T1Diabetes_Mom
Tina Ghosn of Stick With It Sugar
Colleen Grogan of Life in Lada Land
Jamie of Flying Furballs
Mariana Gómez Hoyos of Dulcesitos para mi
Emma - Teapot Diabetic of Teapot Diabetic
Corinna Cornejo of Spinning Dinner Plates
Jess of Me and D
Sara Fant of The Pumo and the Second Hand
Rosie of Blessed2BeT1
Kathleen Weaver of Living with Diabetes and other Medical Conditions
Pete Davies of Swell Diabetes & Healthcare
Jen Jacobs of Life, Art, and Diabetes
Brian Hegarty of Type 1 Philly
Gary the Diabetic Dad of The Diabetic Dad
tricia of Battery Operated Pancreas
Heather Gabel of Unexpected Blues
Sara of Moments of Wonderful
Nadia Ansari of My Sweet Life
Maya of Necessary Defeats
Jamie Tadrzynski of Education of the Heart
Sophie of Dear Diabetes, You Suck.
Karmel Allison of Where is my robot pancreas | A Sweet Life
Mollie and Jackie Singer of curemoll
Scott K. Johnson of Scott's Diabetes
Maria M of My Life: A Long Trip with T1D
Jill of Cup of Pencils
Katy of Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes