Monday, November 9, 2009

D-blog Day 2009

That's right, today is D-Blog Day!  Diabetes bloggers everywhere are posting inspiring stories, useful tips and deep thoughts.

It's late afternoon and I've got . . . nothing.  That's right, nothing - except maybe a raging case of Writer's Block.  On one of the most important days of the year to write a great diabetes blog post, I've lost my inspiration.

It's like that with diabetes sometimes too, isn't it?  Don't you ever get a raging case of Diabetes Block?  You feel like if you have to do one more finger stick, count one more carb gram, bolus one more unit, treat one more low or correct one more high; your head just might explode.  Yup, you've probably been there.  I sure have.

So today, I sat down in front of a blank New Post screen and wrote this post for you.  I kicked my Writer's Block to the curb.  And I want you to do the same for me.  Next time Diabetes Block comes calling just stick, count, bolus, treat and correct anyway.  Kick that D-Block right to the curb!!


  1. Love it! Kick it to the CURB!!!


  2. Diazon-
    Your kick-ass, kick it to the curb attitude is awesome!

  3. Me neither - blank brain - so I posted photos.

  4. Well, that didn't seem like d-bloggers block to me!! Great post with a great message!!

  5. Rock on. Here's to kicking it to the curb when need be! Happy Dblog Day!

    wv: ingstin
    I be ingstin all the posts from Dblog Day!

  6. Love it! Kick it to the curb! You go girl! Love the positive tude!!!

  7. short, sweet and to the point (of your lancet... ;-) Loved it!


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