Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twice as Nice . . . .

It’s a fact - Connecticut is a small state.  If you drive an hour in any direction, you’re pretty much guaranteed to cross a state line.  The interesting thing (as far as today’s post goes) is that for such a small state, we have three JDRF chapters.  Pretty great, right?

jdrf_logoI’ve been blogging about my involvement in T1 Adult Outreach Planning with one of the local chapters (here, here, here and yes, here).  But after reading a great post from George last month, I was inspired to do a little more and I signed up to participate in the Promise to Remember Me campaign.  A short time later, I was contacted by JDRF Grassroots Outreach in D.C. about the need to fill four volunteer advocacy positions at one of the other JDRF chapters in Connecticut.  After some emails and phone calls and an in-person meeting with the local chapter’s Executive Director, I’m ready to take another step forward with my advocacy efforts.

I’m very excited to say that I have accepted the volunteer position of Advocacy Team Chair!  I’m getting ready to do my training and then jump in and get started on organizing and engaging local advocates for our community.  I’m also extremely pleased to be fortunate enough to work with two local JDRF chapters!

I will admit to being a little bit nervous . . . . I’ve never really done any government advocacy before.  However, I understand that JDRF  has been working very hard to provide all of the resources needed to succeed.  I’ve already been in contact with my wonderful regional mentor.  There are training programs set up, both self-guided and staff-guided.  There is plenty of support and guidance in place for me.  Once I learned this, it was easy to chase those nerves away!

Twice the advocacy, twice the outreach . . . .  twice the fun!!  I couldn’t be happier!


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