Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mail Call . . . .

You know you’ve got friends in the DOC when you open your mail and find . . . .

. . . . glittery unicorns!!!!  So fun!

Do you ever wish you’ll open your mail and find something fun?  Email your address to me and you just might!!


  1. I have been lucky to receive a few things in the mail as of late but I have yet to have time to send anything. Soon!

    GReat stickers!

  2. That is....AWESOME!! I may have to email you my address;) its been too long since I've gotten mail like that!!

  3. Unicorns take on a whole new meaning when you have Diabetes. My face lights up whenever I see unicorns now :)

  4. gee, those stickers look familiar! i might have received some of those from someone as well!

    real mail makes you feel like a million bucks, doesn't it? :)

  5. Anytime you get something in the mail is rather magical. Heck, I even like email!


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