Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fun

It’s a sunny August Friday here in New England.  The weather is perfect - bright and warm but not too humid.  I’m ready for some fun!  Are you?

You know what is a lot of fun?  Giving away prizes.  So let’s give away that Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelet!  It looks like you guys really love these bracelets, because there were 45 comments left to enter the contest.

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The random comment picked was lucky number 28.  Which belongs to . . .

Congratulations Denise and Ms. Bean!!!  I’ve already emailed you so we can get your prize coordinated!!

Okay, ready for some more fun?  How about a Virtual Ice Cream Social?  We all know PWDs can have ice cream.  The article that stated giving a diabetic some ice cream was like giving an alcoholic just one beer seems to have been taken down.  The so-called apology is still there, although it is also full of misinformation and most of the comments have been deleted.  In any case, incorrect myths have been spread yet again, and it’s time to help raise awareness.  Tonight Pete and I will be popping in to our local Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe for sundaes.  Because it’s absolutely okay to indulge on occasion.  It doesn’t make my diabetes any worse and I’m not doing anything wrong.  Won’t you join me in a scoop??


  1. Hooray! Looking forward to the ice cream social!! Think I'll be trying the pumpkin flavor (August debuted) at our local creamery!

  2. Congratulations Denise!

    I am also looking forward to the ice cream - it has been too hot lately.

  3. WooHoo!! Bean loves her Lauren's Hope bracelet and will be beyond excited to have another option since she's been wearing hers everyday for a year!

  4. Great idea! A friend just turned us on to Trader Joe's mini ice cream cones - 9 carbs each. :)

  5. Congratulations to Miss Bean! :D

  6. Enjoy your ice cream. I'll have to join you (virtually speaking) later next week. I'm trying to get a pound or two off that snuck on when I wasn't looking.

    That journalist seems to be rather opinionated, eh? And sadly misinformed.


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