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Monday, August 1, 2011

Conquering McDonalds . . .

About once a month (ahem) I find myself craving McDonalds.  Usually I try to hold out and in a few days the craving passes (ahem again).  But some months I let myself cave in to a Quarter Pounder and french fries.  I dial up a dual-wave bolus and hope for the best.

Yesterday was a McDonalds Cave-In Day.  As it so happened, I found a sure-fire way to conquer the blood sugar drama that sometimes occurs despite my careful bolusing.

The key to conquering McDonalds seems to be a major landscaping project!!  Pete and I dug out stumps from the old ugly bushes that used to be in front of our porch.

We dug up a garden patch and put down a “stone wall” border.

We filled it in with heavy bags of topsoil and even heavier bags of mulch.

And we dug new holes to plant some pretty flowers.  I’ll be adding more to fill it in, but I love the way it is starting to shape up.  I also love what all the lugging and digging did for my blood sugars.  My post-McDonalds-prandial was 95.  And before dinner I was in the 60s.  Next time I want to cave to my McDonalds craving I’m going to need to find another spot in my yard to dig up and landscape!


  1. Excellent! The yard looks lovely and I'm SO envious of your porch. Great job conquering two issues at once.

  2. LOL. If only I had your willpower conquering the Golden Arches! I love the echinaceas, they seem to be flowering quite nicely.

  3. Well, when you run out of spaces to dig in your own yard, by all means, come help yourself to mine. I'm in the starting phases of a complete landscaping overhaul.

  4. Adding exercise into the equation is like magic.

  5. Pretty! If you lived near me, you could come on ver and do some work in our yard!

  6. Ha! Congrats!

    "Dial up a dual wave and hope for the best." Ain't it the truth!

  7. Weeding, gardening works great for me, also. Added bonus, I usually "nick" something and so... time to test!

  8. So that is the trick to be able to eat fries and not go high! Your plants look really nice.

  9. I've got some projects for ya...head up my way and grab me a 1/4 pounder too (my FAV).

  10. & not to play detective or anything, but wasn't your diabetes-wallow crying day just a few back (ahem?!). And we live close enough that you certainly can come use my yard!!!

  11. aw man your yard looks great! and lol i so totes get that once a month craving! :)

  12. I hate to admit it but I LOVE 7 with cheese extra salt on my fries! J does too. So far no issues with his bgs if he has mcds but now I know what to do if he does! :)

  13. I am a Big Mac Girl... Justin loves him some Double Cheese burger.

    We have been lucky so far. Cereal is worse on his bg than McD's. However, its not so good for my growing butt!!! Just sayin :)

  14. Very nice! Way to keep those sugars in line. :)

    I totally get the McDonalds craving too, only it's a Big Mac...all that bread! Maybe I'll find a spot in the yard to conquer over here. :D

  15. I'm so jealous of your garden! Mine looks awful because I haven't touched it this season. I knew I was going to be away, so I didn't make an attempt to start anything that I wouldn't be able to maintain. I desperately need to drag myself out there and weed though. I will say that I used to have a ton of those purple cone flowers. They multiply like crazy from year to year. Mine were right next to the front door, and bees *love* them, so i ended up ripping them out. They're so pretty though. Gardening is a great BG-tamer.


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