Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Now With More Words!!


Today I’m using the prompt from the ADA’s Blog 30 Days of Diabetes in November - and beyond.  We are asked to post a Wordless Wednesday picture that answers the question  “What are the three most important things – in your opinion – that help with your diabetes management?”  And because it’s not like me to be “wordless”, I thought I’d add my thoughts about what I chose to include in my picture.

Number one is my insulin pump.  For me, I have a level of control with the pump that I never had with MDIs.  Part of this is because Lantus never gave me a true 24 hours of coverage, and even splitting the dose didn’t work well for me.  Also, I use my pump’s dual-wave feature a lot to (hopefully) better match my insulin delivery to the way my body processes some foods.

Number two is my meter.  Knowing my blood sugar level is the key to planning what and when to eat, when and how much insulin to take and what to do before and after exercise.  I love my CGM too, and it helps me a lot, but my meter is more important.  After all, the readings from my meter are used to calibrate my CGM.

Number three is . . .  my cat?  Well, sort of.  Number three is actually the things in my life that make me truly happy, the things I enjoy.  K.C. is one.  My husband, family and friends (including the D-OC) are a few more.  And yes, knitting (and all my yarn) are yet two more in this list of things that I love.  Diabetes is tough.  It takes a lot of focus, a lot of management, a lot of energy.  Focusing on the things in life that lift my spirits when the going gets tough is so important to energize me and keep me going!


  1. I love that picture. Your cat is so cute! :)

  2. Your cat is "handsome"!!! I wonder what Joe would say or take a photo of for the "Wordful Wordless Wednesday Post?"

    P.S. How can I tell the difference between knitting and crochet? I love the hats though...I wear hats around the clock starting about this time of year..between Joe's hockey, our backyard rink...and just plain old living in Vermont I need to.

    Have a great day!

  3. I can't imagine you as wordless. You always share such encouraging words!

  4. The cat looks like it's unsure if it should run or start playing with "toys" you've just offered.

  5. My kitteh would never put up with this situation. Nice job!


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