Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Diabetes Blessings Week - You Are What You Eat

Here we are on Day 3 of Diabetes Blessings Week and I’m still going strong!!


Without a doubt, diabetes has made me more aware of what I eat.  In fact, it’s natural that Diabetes and Food are woven into each other in my life.  After all, I was diagnosed during a time when sugar was 100% off limits and The Exchange Diet was the law.  Meals and snacks came at the same exact time every day and involved the same food groups in the same amounts. It was not a lot of fun.


Thankfully, we have progressed over the past 31 years and that stringent diet is no longer my reality.  In theory, armed with my trusty insulin pump, I can eat any food I love.  And I love desserts.  And foods that has been fried.  And especially dessert foods that have been fried!!  (Have you ever tasted a fried Oreo??  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Get yourself one NOW.)  I’m also a big fan of butter and rich sauces and basically anything that should be enjoyed “in moderation”.  But I don’t eat as much of these yummy yum-yums as I would like to, because they tend to be very hard to bolus for.  And because they are not heart healthy - and diabetes is already one strike again my heart health.

So thank you, Diabetes, for helping me make healthier food choices than I would probably make otherwise.  Without you, I would probably be a much less healthy, and much much much larger, person!


  1. I think about this often. I am thankful that healthy foods are easier on blood sugars than unhealthy ones. If it were the other way around, well that would be just plain mean.

  2. I am the same way, I have a crazy sweet tooth and I often think if diabetes did not make me make smarter food choices I would be much more unhealthy. And probably a much, much larger person as well!

  3. Oh wow, we really have come a long way. I guess things oould always be worse! Thanks for sharing : )

  4. Well, now I'm hungry.
    No, never had a fried oreo - tell me how!
    You are so funny!

  5. Are you calling me a Turkey?!? Gobble Gobble

    lol.. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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