Friday, May 20, 2016

Tips and Tricks - #DBlogWeek Day 5

200x200Welcome to the last official day of Diabetes Blog Week 2016!  Bloggers who decide to keep a seven day blog week schedule will be posting over the weekend using our Wildcard Topics.  You 7-Day #DBlogWeek-ers have my complete admiration, but I think I’ll be using the weekend to try to catch up on reading and commenting - which I have fallen dreadfully behind on.  I’ll be back Monday for the #DBlogWeek Wrap Up.  But first, it is time for some Tips and Tricks.

Our topic today is Tips and Tricks.  Let's round out the week by sharing our best diabetes tips and diabetes tricks. From how you organize supplies to how you manage gear on the go/vacation (beach, or skiing, or whatever). From how you keep track of prescription numbers to how you remember to get your orders refilled. How about any “unconventional” diabetes practices, or ways to make diabetes work for YOU (not necessarily how the doctors say to do it!). There's always something we can learn from each other. (Remember though, please no medical advice or dangerous suggestions.)

I think as diabetes bloggers and #DOC members, we are constantly sharing our tips and tricks just by talking about our daily lives with diabetes.  I’ve learned so much from our community, and I always try to share day-to-day diabetes things that work for me.  Like test strip containment and where I put my MiniMed Connect and cute meter pouches and more.  So I wondered if I’d be able to come up with anything new to share today.  And then I realized my most important tip of all - the tip I use all the time - the tip that I value most.

Don't ever stop learning!!!

I’ve had diabetes for over 36 years.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly learning new things.  Pump trainers can help explain advanced options of  a pump.  Dieticians can help improve the way I eat.  CDEs are a wealth of information.  My endo often has the latest d-info to teach me.  But there is so much more beyond these "official" sources of information.  There are diabetes conferences like TCOYD and FFL and Diabetes UnConference.  And blogs.  And Twitter.  And Facebook.  And diaTribe.  And #DSMA.   Connecting with other people living with diabetes is probably where I’ve learned the most.  The day-to-day tips and tricks have helped me become an engaged, educated, empowered person with diabetes.  I’m thankful for our community for that.  And I can’t wait to see what things you still have left to teach me!

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  1. <3 this keep up the good work! x

  2. Best tip EVER!!! Don't ever stop learning.

  3. I've definitely learned more about diabetes in the 4 years since finding the DOC than I did in the 20 years prior. Thanks for hosting another great week, Karen!

  4. your tip is GREAT. for a while, i DID stop learning. i felt i had t1 for so long, i knew plenty. but when i got back into connecting with other t1s, reading blogs, books, getting involved with JDRF, etc i realized how many new things were available that my endo never mentioned. lesson learned. i will continue to learn all i can... thanks so much!

  5. Definitively never stop learning best tip ever.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of May 16, 2016.

  6. So true. Thanks for another great Diabetes Blog Week, Karen. I plan on catching up on reading over the weekend, too. Hence, my comment a day later...

  7. Great tip. And thank you for yet another wonderful Diabetes Blog Week. You're the best. Lots of love, my friend.

  8. So true! Learning is how we find out about the cool cases and test strip disposal units.

    I too am playing catch-up with the reading & commenting after a hectic weekend. At least now I dont' feel so bad that I know someone else is doing so as well.


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