Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bye-Bye Basic Black

I think I’ve been using the same brand of meter for more than nine years.  I loved my Accu-Chek Compact Plus for its convenience.  Strips come in a drum of 17 that gets preloaded into the meter and the lancet attaches right to the meters side.  It makes testing easy.  However, there are some drawbacks too.  The meter seems HUGE compared to other brands and it makes quite a racket when the drum advances for a test.  Lately I started eying OneTouch, which is the other brand my insurance will cover.  The UltraLink pings my readings straight to my pump.  And the cute little UltraMini adds very little bulk when tucked into my purse.  So I decided to make the switch.  I’m finding the main thing I miss about my old meter is the back lit screen, but other than that I’m very happy.

I decided that new smaller meters called for cute new cases, so I turned to etsy to see what I could find.  I struck gold at RKEMdesigns and ordered two small sized pouches (on sale!!!).


So adorable!!  The cupcake pouch was a no-brainer given the DOCs cupcake obsession.  I knew my UltraMini would fit in the case just fine, along with my strips and lancet and a tissue in case of gushers.  And the key ring on the side of each pouch is perfect to attach the travel pill container that I use to stash my used test strips!


The second pouch I ordered just because I’ve always had a thing for matryoshka dolls and it was too cute to pass up.  (I actually have a thing for almost anything Russian, but I digress.)  I didn’t really think the small pouch would be large enough to hold my UltraLink and supplies.  But I’m glad to say I was wrong - everything fits quite nicely.


No more big bulky meter and no basic black meter cases?  I’m one happy D-Gal!!


  1. These look great. I must order the owls on branches one today before I forget. Good-bye old black (boring) case. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Very cute! I keep my used test strips in my meter case--and try to remember to empty it out every 1-2 days :/

  3. I chucked my bulky black cases years ago. I really don't think the meter needs all that protective padding....

  4. My used strips AND lancets (that's right, I change my lancet every, single time I test) live in my meter case until I can't close it any more. Then they get disposed of.

    Welcome to the One Touch family! I have a purple mini that I used for years but gave up to use only when I need something small because I got an UltraSmart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the UltraSmart because it keeps track of my logbook stuff and I don't have to think about it. It's bigger but so worth it (at least to me). I also have a blue mini in case I need a backup. My father has an Ultra 2 and we still have his ancient Ultra around here somewhere.

    No more basic black case?? Really?? If your UltraLink fits into one of this tiny things, then so will my UltraSmart. That sounds like a REALLY good idea...

  5. A girl needs some color! Very cute!

  6. I carry two meters in a Fossil cosmetic bag - my Ping for when I know I am going to bolus and my Verio for all other times. It's kinda a bummer that that means I have to carry two brands of strips too.

  7. Oh my goodness! I love these! May have to look for one for my son and more importantly for me and all of the supplies tha I carry for him!

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  9. Just found your blog today and was very interested in this post as I also use the Accuchek Compact Plus. I would love to go smaller, but I am concerned about the accuracy of the One Touch. My first meter was a One Touch and it tested much higher than my Accuchek consistently. I don't want to trade compactness for accuracy, though I really want a smaller and cheaper strip to use.


  10. adorbs! my kid carries her stuff in a cool case we bought at epcot last year at FFL. it has drawings from one of her fave movies: my neighbor totoro. :)

  11. Are you sure your Ultra Link doesn't have a back light for the screen? My Ping does, if I press and hold the OK button (it has a sort of a sun symbol above it).

  12. my mom got me a pouch like yours but its actually a ID wristlet that has One Direction on it for my One Touch Ultra Mini meter. i can fit the meter, a bottle of test strips, a small zip-lock bag of lancets and my lancing device in the zippered compartment and in the clear pocket (where you would put your ID) i put alcohol wipes in there.


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