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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

True desires are revealed in dreams . . . .

You know those dreams where you wake up and it still seems real?  Those dreams where you are disappointed to wake up?  I had one of those dreams just before the alarm when off this morning.

In my dream, Pete and I had slept over at my parents house.  (That is the first clue that it was a dream and not real.  You see, my parents only live two miles away, so no matter what, we can always make the trip back home.)  Anyway, in the dream, I was just waking up and my mom was making breakfast.  I found myself trying to figure out the proper bolus for what she was serving.  I was also trying to figure out just how many calories this breakfast would cost me and how to plan it into my day.  What was this breakfast??

Toasted French baguette smothered in Nutella.  I swear, my butt got bigger and my blood sugar spiked just from dreaming about it!

And no, the protein bar that I ate for my real-life, fully awake breakfast just didn't measure up.


  1. Now I feel the need to go break out the Nutella.... *wanders off in search of chocolatey goodness*

  2. I think it is a very good thing that I have never dared to try Nutella.

  3. Thats funny... I have never tried it either. I hear so many people say they LOVE it. I don't need any MORE bad eating habbits. :)

  4. Mmmmmm Nutella. Wish I had been in that dream! =)

  5. My kids love Nutella. They have it about every other week and I limit it to one tablespoon...but they don't care. When it's Nutella day, EVERYONE squeals!

  6. I have to be honest, I've never had Nutella before:(

  7. Nutella is like my crack - and it is the food of the gods! The best 22 grams of carbs on a spoon EVER!
    Kelly K

  8. Yep - my mouth is watering now!
    Where do your parents live - I'm on my way over for breakfast!

  9. You are so creative! I love your topic choices. Nutella on bread is a very common breakfast in Israel (where my parents are from), and I always cried internally because I couldn't eat from it while everyone else around me did. But now with my pump, I may just go ahead and try it. You have great dreams, Karen!!!!

  10. It's still amazing that even in your dreams, you are still counting :)

  11. Oh my gosh...so funny you should mention this. I succumbed the other day and bought some. I then proceeded to eat spoonfull by spoonfull over the course of a few weeks. I just told myself that I needed the extra calories because I was nursing Kate. Ha! ...but it was delicious :)

    No wonder my post baby blood sugars have been horendous!


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