Monday, July 12, 2010

30 years later . . . .

Remember when Type 1 Diabetes was called Juvenile Diabetes?  At 11 years old and freshly diagnosed, I was one of the juveniles.  But what happens 30 years later?  I grew up (sort of, although I'm still a bit of a kid at heart).  I live my life.  A lot of us do.  But a part of me feels forgotten.  A Juvenile Diabetic who isn't so juvenile anymore.

What if there was a place we could all meet?  What if Type 1s of all ages, including adults, were in attendance?  Some of us diagnosed decades ago and some of us diagnosed in the past few years?  What if it had some sessions to help us with the new issues we struggle with now that we are no longer children?  What would it be like to hang out with a bunch of people who really get it?  How great would that support system be?

Scott Johnson posted today about just such an event.  He talked about the possibility of some Adult Type 1 sessions being added to the Friends for Life conferences organized by Children with Diabetes.  Go on over there to read all about it and leave your feedback.  Pete and I have been planning to attend next July anyway, and the news that there could be more sessions for adults is very exciting!


  1. I am all about that because we do all grow up.

  2. I'm excited to hear that you are planning a trip to FFL next year because that's MY neck of the woods!! Yay, meet up!

    As far as the adult tracks at FFL, I could be MORE happy that there are folks thinking about those of us kids who grew up. Yes, I needed support when I was diagnosed at 8 years old. But at 28 I STILL have questions and frustrations and would still love a place to go to meet with other folks like me. Not kids with Type 1, not adults with Type 2 . . . those are all different animals!

    I've already left feedback on Scott's page and I hope lots of others do so as well! So excited for FFL 2011!

  3. I've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 2 years ago, I was 43 then. I kept on thinking how difficult it was. But I certainly can't imagine the horrors of being diagnosed at 11!


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