Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working out the Workout . . .

I've often written about my struggles sticking with an exercise program.  That's not my problem this time.  (Nothing like a bit of public humiliation to get the motivation going!!)  Now I'm struggling to get in a good workout without going way too low.

I've been shooting for an hour a day on the treadmill.  The first two days I only made it 38 minutes before my blood sugar crashed down into the 30s.  I've been trying different combinations of food and insulin.  Yesterday morning I had my coffee and skipped the unit I usually take to cover it.   Then I had my banana and skipped the bolus again.  Ten minutes later I started my walk.  And it was good.  I got the whole hour in and ended like this:

A small rise, followed by a steady fall and an end number of 83.  Looks perfect, right?  Perfect, except for that little arrow beside the 83.  That little arrow announces that my blood sugar is falling quickly.  My finger stick confirmed, ringing in at 58.  So I had some orange juice.  And a handful of trail mix.  (Maybe a rather large handful.)  Didn't measure.  Didn't bolus.  Not so smart.  An hour later I was up to 198 and needed a correction.

Working out an exercise plan can be so frustrating.  Some days it feels like nothing will work.  The nasty lows that plague me when I begin my exercise program yet again are very discouraging.  The extra juice and food seem to replace any calories the exercise zapped.  But this time, I'm sticking with it.  I'll add a reduced basal rate into the mix and hopefully end closer to that 83 the CGM showed . . . . without an arrow.  When my body starts to get used to regular exercise, I'll probably need to switch my basal back to 100% and bolus a bit for breakfast.  I'll work that out when the time comes.  Because working out the workout plan is so worth the effort.


  1. Go you!
    You will figure it out.
    Exercising is a chore, add the D into the mix and it produces interesting results. Yes, worth it in the end.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Karen-

    I commend you for not giving up on exercising. Diabetes and exercising is hard to master. You go girl! You'll figure it out.


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