Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Our traditional Christmas breakfast of coffee and cookies has been eaten.  Complete with a second helping to combat my morning of lows!!

The presents have been opened. Even K.C.'s - although she's scared of the whole Christmas experience and won't touch any of her new toys.   At least she cowered near the coffee table long enough for me to get this shot of her by the tree on Christmas morning.

Now we're off to my parent's house for more celebrating and feasting!  Hoping you and yours are having a wonderful day too!!


  1. Mery Christmas Karen.
    We got socked in with some nasty snow and sleet so my plans for the day were squashed.
    Guess what I spent the day doing - sorting yearn!! And finding some stuff that I'd forgotten about.
    Two next projects on the hrizon.

  2. OH for pity sake - you're going to think I'm daft with all the typos. Well, proofreading is not my forte.

  3. Glad to find you blog about diabetes and knitting. I just got diagnosed, and I knit. I'll be visiting often.


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