Friday, August 7, 2009

Tales of a Diabetes Smack-Down . . .

This may sound a bit vain, but the main reason I've been keeping up with my exercise program is because I'm tired of constantly finding out that last season's clothes are too tight and that I need to go up a size.  But another benefit that I really love is what I'm seeing on my meter.  I don't ever remember being this stable.  I'm using much less insulin than I used too.  I'm starting to figure out just what to do in order to finish my exercise and like what I'm seeing on the meter.  Usually . . .

Yesterday was a nice cool day with no humidity, which actually made it easy to get excited about the treadmill.  I pushed myself a bit longer and a little harder to make up for some of the gnocchi indulgence from the night before.  Then I hopped off and tested my blood, ready to bolus for breakfast.  Until I saw the results . . .


WTF?  When I looked at my CGM mid-workout, it read 136.  That's right on track for me to end my workout in the 80s.  I washed my hands and tested again, sure that the number would be better.  231.  Then I remembered that during my workout I noticed my site was feeling a bit sore.  Breakfast was not going to be an option any time soon.  I pulled out my site and took a correction the old fashioned way - with a syringe.  Then I took a quick shower and put a new site in.  One hour later, I was at 184 and the pump told me I didn't need a further correction.  (Although I took my correction with a syringe, after I disconnected from my pump I programmed the 2.5 unit bolus and let it run.  This way, my injected insulin would be reflected in the pumps Insulin on Board).

Less than an hour went by and I tested again.  104.  I had dropped 80 points in forty-five minutes.  I bolused and ate breakfast, but I had a feeling I knew what was coming.  In another hour, I found myself craving Swedish Fish.  I was pretty sure I knew the reason.  My body was telling me something.  Sure enough, I tested and my blood sugar was now 50.

I spend the afternoon feeling tired, queasy and pretty darn crabby.  I guess sometimes, no matter how hard you try, Diabetes just needs to show you who is the boss.


  1. Hey great tip about bolusing unplugged so your IOB is right. I'm experiencing my own smackdown right now so I can sympathise - I bolused for a 20g breakfast at 7am when I was 70, and I'm now 321 - WTF???

    BTW loved your yarn Siah!

  2. I think there's a typo in that last sentence.

    Diabetes just needs to try to show you who is the boss.

    Try as it might, Diabetes is not the boss. Just a testy shift manager. Speaking of...what ever happened to Tony Danza?

  3. I honestly think Diabetes is just a sick joke sometimes, like it sits and waits for you to finally feel like you have handle on things and then BAMM- it decides to sideswipe you - Good job with the bolus'ing and keeping on top of it, in other words you can say #takethatdiabetes =)

  4. Swedish Fish. I know you said a lot of other things, but all I'm able to focus on is Swedish Fish. Mmmmmm.

    Oh, and I loved your Siah cat, too! Does he eat Swedish fish???

  5. Hello Karen -

    My 13-yr old son has had type one for almost five years... oh the d-smackdowns. We've had what you describe above happen too dang many times to count.


  6. Yep, it always seems to do that to us sometimes doesn't it? I think it keeps us humble and not too cocky. :-)


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