Friday, March 13, 2009

Vlogging Snacks

Today I recorded another vlog post. For some reason, I decided to record it in the absolute ugliest spot in my house - the half pulled apart kitchen. Complete with the cabinet that is missing a door and has part of the paint stripped away. For an added bonus, I also stood in front of a sunny window. Hello, blinding sun glare!!! To make things even worse, for some reason my lips and the sound are out of sync, so it looks like you are watching a video dubbed from a foreign language. Oh yeah, and I babbled quite a bit. Then I talked with my mouth full. Good going, Karen.

So if, after all those warnings, you still want to watch it . . . click below. Don't say I didn't warn you!!

WTF is that line about the cheese being for St. Patrick's Day? It will never last that long. And why did I feel the need to specify that I found the frozen edamame in the freezer section? Where else would it be?

Yes, my vlogging still needs some work.


  1. I totally cracked up when you said the edamame should have more salt. Those were frozen edamame? They didn't look like the edamame I buy at all. The cheese looked wonderful!
    I love almonds too. I get the 3 Diamonds brand of chili-lime flavored. They're totally addictive.

  2. I like those dry roasted Edamame better than the frozen ones.

    I also like snap peas and light ranch dressing. I also like a silver of Laughing Cow cheese on a couple triscuits with low-sodium small cans of V-8 juice.

    Nuts are good, too. I usually eat a cheese stick and 5-7 grapes with that as well.

    I find if I snack this way, I don't overeat. The minute I get out the chips and try to portion control them, forget it!

  3. That was fun and I might even try some edamame one of these days. I was especially impressed that you tried something new on video. What if you hated it and made funny faces?

  4. i love carrots and celery. oh and nathan's dill pickles! but i like to put sea salt on all of 'em and i can't have any added salt thanks to the kidneys.

    cute vlog! you are a natural. and i'd rather see all the things you think are wrong, cuz it makes your video look more like if we were there with you!

  5. Love it Karen :) Great Vlog! Love all types of nuts but the hard thing is portion control on them...

    I always have the fresh veggie stash and like to drizzle balsamic on them or celery w/almond butter

    Choc fix is usually clif kids brownie zbar...or a vitatop muffin top

    I'm a popcorn addict...airpopped with hot sauce & parm cheese or those mini bags of kettlecorn...

  6. That was AWESOME!

    You were talking my language rattling off all that junk food stuff! :-)

    And YAY for edamame! I've never heard of the dry roasted stuff. See - I learned something good from your vlog!

    And yes, for the record, I heavily salt mine. But at least I'm eating something decent for me, even if too heavy on the salt. I'll work on it.

    And you know that I'm going to be majorly depressed when you DON'T mention me in your next vlog post.


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