Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Plan vs. The Compromise . . . . .

I'm absolutely great at making a plan.  I can nail it down to the last detail.  The follow-through?  Yeah, that’s the part I need to work on.  Especially where exercise is concerned.

Pete and I have, once again, started training to run some 5Ks.  It’s the first week that's always my hardest.  Exercise hasn't become a habit yet.  It’s too early to see any progress to help spur me on to continue.  The rewards are few and, on top of that, pesky persistent lows which always accompany the start of my exercise plan are a big concern when training alone.

CompromiseMy plan for today was to make a quick stop at the post office and then continue up the street to the gym for Day 3 of my 5K training.  And here I sit, still in my house, willing to do just about anything besides going to the gym.  (Anything includes making a batch of home-made pudding, which is now chilling in my refrigerator.)  Some days, the best I can do is a compromise.  So maybe today, if I do my training on my home treadmill I can put off going to the post office until the weekend.  Is my treadmill as good as the one at the gym?  Nope.  But is it better than skipping the workout all together?  You bet!

Do you sometimes find a compromise is enough to get you headed in the right direction?


  1. Yes sometimes compromise does get me headed in the right direction. My plan today was to tackle my lengthy to-do list. I fell asleep on the couch instead while my daughter watched cartoons. It was nice to get out of my head for a minute.
    You are a rockstar for your ambition to exercise. I totally think the home treadmill has got to count for something! Tomorrow is always another day. And if you feel uninspired again, you have the pudding!

  2. Sometimes compromise is necessary. And you still got your workout in, so that's good, yes? In my opinion, these next few weeks will be the hardest. If you get through these, you can do anything. Good luck!

  3. pudding! sometimes compromise works. sometimes posting about it so i am later held accountable works too. ;)

    keep on keepin on!

  4. Yes, I'd agree - compromise does get you at least heading in the direction you need to be going. The trick, for me, is getting past the point where I settle on compromise so much. It seems like I'm always "heading in the direction" and eventually it gets to feel like I am always just walking on an endless path that isn't getting anywhere. But, taking that first step is the toughest...

  5. I have T2 and I absolutely hate to exercise. I love to read, knit and crochet and have thought of using my stepper when I was on the phone or of watching a movie while on my treadmill, but it never happens. We have a great rec center where there is a free walking ring but I must drive 8 miles to get there. :( My sugars always seem to run a little high 8.9 or in that area. I can't seem to avoid carbs at all. My mother had diabetes too and trouble watching her diet. My compromise is that I take on exta cleaning jobs to keep myself moving and it seems to be working fairly well.


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