Monday, February 3, 2014

Diabetes Monster #DArtDay

I’ve been in kind of a dark place lately - mostly where diabetes is concerned but kind of just in general too.  But I knew I didn’t want my 5th Annual Diabetes Art Day contribution to be too depressing. So I decided not to go with my first #DArtDay vision, which was a drawing of me, very very small and alone surrounded by darkness and blood droplets.  I just didn’t want to put something that dark out there.  This is a great testament of how Diabetes Art Day definitely helps to pull me out of the darkness a bit.

Instead, I thought about how diabetes can just feel like a big monster.  My monster didn’t come out looking quite as fierce as it really feels, but that’s more due the constraints of my art skills.

In a gross confession, I will admit that I inadvertently jabbed my thumb with one of the lancets, so I used my own blood for the red shading of my monster’s eyes.  #gross

It’s not too late to create your own diabetes art and add it to the 2014 Gallery.  You can get all the details, including this year's special dedication to a beloved member of the community who the DOC lost over the weekend, on the Diabetes Art Day 2014 page.


  1. Now that's what I call really putting yourself into your art! (Not gross)

  2. Hey, you were one with your art - and you put blood into that piece! Sorry you've been struggling feeling that way, Karen. Hope you are able to tame that monster and feel better soon. I'm kind of in a middle point myself, not good or bad, just -- going through the motions and now trying to turn things around and do better. I guess that's about all we can do sometimes. Anyhow, best your way. Thanks for the great D-art!

  3. It is a monster sometimes, isn't it? Well done. Including the blood.

  4. I agree monster is the right word for this, sometimes. I like your art work.

    Best wishes Silvia

  5. the thing about this monster is he looks kind of cute, which lures you closer, and then you get jabbed with all of those horrible spikes.

    very art.

  6. my kid sometimes uses her own blood in artwork so even if it was inadvertent, you're not alone. nice work here, i especially dig the blood dripping off of the lancet teeth!

  7. I will admit that I kind of want to snuggle your diabetes monster (but you can keep the DNA). :)


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