Friday, February 3, 2012

Small Successes . . .

When I last posted, there wasn’t much about our situation to celebrate.  But in just a couple of days a few things have shown up on both of our horizons that give us a lot of hope.  We are both crossing our fingers for these opportunities to pan out, and hopefully I’ll have some good news to report soon. 

weightIn the meantime, it’s been a very rough few weeks.  When times get tough, my good intentions quickly fly out the window.  I’ve been trying hard to stay positive and to keep the ever looming cloud of depression from settling in.  It hasn’t been a total failure, but it hasn't been a complete success either.  Things have been sliding a bit.  My exercise routine is non-existent once again, which makes me pretty disappointed in myself because I had been doing very well.  I’ve been a bit MIA in the DOC, which is unfortunate because now is the time I should be connecting more - lending an ear and supporting others who are going through tough times, and thankfully taking any support offered back.  My house is messy, my husband is crabby and I’m cranky right back,

But it hasn’t been all bad.  One of my main goals for 2012 is to lose the extra weight I’ve been carrying around once and for all.  False starts?  I've had more than a few.  But since the New Year I’ve been faithful about logging my calories into my Lose It! app and have worked hard to stay in the calorie range given to lose one pound each week.  And during the four weeks of January I have exceeded my goal and lost just over 7 pounds.  I’m proud that I didn’t give in to the urges to drown my worries in comfort foods.  I’m proud that I didn’t give up when the going got rough.  I know I still have a long way to go to meet my final goal, but I feel like if I stuck through it during this extremely tough month, maybe I can really do it this time.  I’ve found that keeping this one small success in mind helps me believe that I might be able to turn the other cruddy stuff around too.

Now, to work on getting back to exercising . . . .

What small successes are you celebrating in your life?  Do they help you face larger challenges?  Let’s cheer each other on and get ready to tackle the big stuff together!!


  1. Woot! for opportunities, and woot! woot! for them working out!

  2. Way to go, Karen! I'm all about celebrating even small victories. I think that is essential to keeping up our motivation and preventing slides. I have the Lose It app on my Ipod but haven't even attempted to use it. I guess you have to use it to Lose It. haha You're ahead of me! It seems so time consuming. You can get back to regular exercise, I know you can. Even though we're miles and miles and miles apart, let's just pretend we're exercising together; the long distance buddy system!

    1. That app is a bit time consuming at first, trying to find all your foods or input ones not in the database. But if you are like me, and eat similar meals on a regular basis, after a few weeks it's so much easier because it's just plugging in what you ate. It is really working well for me.

      Love the idea of some long distance walking together. I could use an exercise buddy!! :)

  3. Build on the victories, sister! Where there is one, there can be another. Just because things are cruddy in one part of your life doesn't mean it has to take over the whole show.
    My recent victory has been being active. It is a habit and my day is not complete without my time walking outside, on the treadmill and stationery bike. And for the first time in years, I'm sleeping! And my recent cholesterol numbers were the best they've ever been, even though I've made no significant changes to my diet.

  4. With what you're going through, I think the 7 pounds should count double! It's not easy but you're doing great!

  5. Yay for you! I'm happy you are able to recognize the happy moments in the midst of the tough ones. I'll keep your "opportunities" in my prayers. :) Yay for the weight loss, too!!

  6. Congratulations on that 7 pounds! I am keeping my fingers crossed that both you & Pete have good news to report soon.

  7. Congrats on small victories. Although a 7 lb. weight loss is no small thing!

    As hard as it is to deal with having each other home when nobody is getting paid, look for the hidden blessings. You get to spend extra time together doing whatever it is you two enjoy doing. One of my most favorite things to do when my husband is out of work is to go out for ice cream. If you buy a cheap cone with change it feels like it was free. Of course that kind of goes against your whole healthy vibe. Moderation in all things and when days are rough, a cheap ice cream cone can be just what the doctor ordered.

    Good luck with your leads! :)

  8. way to go Karen!! 7lbs is amazing! shows how strong you are, sticking to it when things are rough. you and pete are in my thoughts, hoping for good thing for the two of you. can't wait to hear about the opportunities you mentioned!!
    keep positive, and know we're here for you.

  9. Congrats on the weight loss! I have another question for pump users: You mention eating comfort foods and gaining weight. I take 3 shots a day, sometimes four. I cannot easily adjust for increases in calories, except at mealtime. People have said a pump allows you to eat like everyone else, as in whenever you want. From reading here, that appears to be true. This is interesting to me, as I have spent my entire adult life eating prescribed amounts at a prescribed time. The only time I gain weight is when I end up with low blood sugars for several days. Otherwise, I am limited to what I eat and when. It's obviously different for those of you on a pump. Also, if you are using an app to figure calorie loss, does the meter or something tell you what you are eating and how many calories or is there an app for that? I am really curious about this--your lives seem very different from what I live.
    (It's okay for your house to be messy and both of you cranky--that's what stress does! And I like the ice cream cone idea! I find ice cream helps with lots of stressful situations!)

  10. Congrats on the weight loss & "small victories"!! Keep up the good work and positive attitude! I was going to comment yesterday, but I was having such a low day, I didn't want to bring you down. (Not that I could, but I think you know what I mean!) :)

  11. I love this victory!!! I completely fell off the weight loss wagon, and have had a horrible time getting back on.

    You've inspired me today, my friend. How awesome it would be to work out together!

  12. Keep up the fantastic work Karen! My hubby lost wt. using one of those apps too. It seems to keep people accountable. how you are focusing on the positive and how you are gonna try to grow other successes off of this one. WOOT WOOT for you. XO

  13. You can do it, girl. And don't let depression get the best of you. We're all here to support you.

  14. I've been awful about walking/working out. I have been trying to be better about my eating though.....
    I spend too much time chastising myself in the mirror.....

    as for successes: I've been helping my kids through some very rough times and they are doing better!
    I'm more realistic about my plans and am doing what I WANT to do instead of feeling guilty and going to many things I don't feel like going to....


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