Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Being Able - D Blessings Week Day 2

I’m not shy about sharing how much I despise exercise.  I know it’s important.  I know it’s good for me.  I know it will help my blood sugar.  But I still don’t like it.

I’ve tried time and time again to get motivated for a regular exercise routine.  Sometimes it lasts for a few months.  Sometimes it lasts for a few weeks.  And yes, sometimes it only lasts for a few days.  I still haven’t quite figured out how to make exercise a lasting part of my life.

ugh_thumbBut here’s the thing.  I hate the way I look.  I am fat.  I see pictures of myself and cringe.  Over the past several years, weight has crept on steadily.  I’ve been talking about losing weight for quite some time now.  As with exercise, I start strong and quickly sputter out.  But every pair of pants I have is unbelievably tight.  I am NOT going up yet another clothing size.  And so, I’m starting over.  Yesterday was Day 1 - and I did pretty well.  I pulled out Your Diabetes Science Experiment and looked over my notes from last time I was working out.  I went to the store and stocked up on healthy foods.  I put in 45 minutes on the treadmill and I made good food choices all day long.  This morning, I did 50 minutes.  And it didn’t seem like a struggle.  It seemed like a blessing.

Yes, I have a chronic illness that makes diet and exercise a bit more tricky.  But I am blessed to still have a strong body that can move.  I am blessed to have the tools I need to navigate a successful workout.  I am blessed that although I’m unhappy with how I look right  now, I have the power to do something about it.


  1. Yes you do!! Good for you, Karen. Exercise should be an important part of our lives these days, but it rarely is. Such a struggle, but it's so cool that you haven't given up. I'm with ya!

  2. oh karen, i know how you feel. this time last year i bought a treadmill. it is collecting dust downstairs in my "workout room". everyday i swear that "tomorrow" will be the day. i, like you, know how important it is to excercise, but I. HATE. IT!!! i need something to motivate me, and i don't mean my husband, who works out all the time. perhaps the lure of new clothes will be my goal. i am following your lead, and starting fresh ~ tomorrow!

  3. When I was losing weight before, the woman that cut my hair told me that a friend of hers hung up one of her favorite outfits that she couldn’t get into anymore – as soon as she woke up in the morning, she would see the outfit hanging there as a reminder. I did that and I also put a picture of “skinny me” on my treadmill to remind me what I was working for.

  4. So how are you doing with the exercise program? Keep up the good work.

  5. Oh Karen, right there with you on the weight issue. I don't hate exercise, but I get really bored, and then I give up. I found cycling to be great. I don't get bored! But as a diabetic, I find it really hard to lose weight because of lows and eating calories as the result. I haven't read Ginger's book, but I'm about to buy it I think. Anyway, it takes me twice as long as most to lose it, so I feel your pain. Good luck, and if you need a cheerleader, let me know!!!


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