Monday, November 21, 2011

Taking Breaks - D Blessings Week Day 1

This week marks the annual D Blessings Week, a wonderful event created by Mike of My Diabetic Heart.  The idea is to post about diabetes blessings, either in a single post or in a weeks worth of posts.  I’m shooting for blessings all week long because I think it’s a very good idea to take a step back and really appreciate all that I have.

 Last week Pete was on vacation from work.  We didn’t really go anywhere, although we did sneak in a trip to the casino on Wednesday (where those mean little slot machines sucked down all our gambling money).  Instead we did some much needed work around the house - painting, updating, organizing.  As far as I’m concerned being on vacation means you certainly don’t cook, so we went out to dinner or ordered take-out every night.

I made a vacation decision about diabetes too . . . . I decided to give my CGM the week off.  Lately I’d been feeling a bit of CGM info overload - where I just got annoyed by all the alerts and found myself ignoring them.  So a CGM break seemed just the ticket.   And it was wonderful.  No alarms trilling about highs and lows.  No beeping waking me up in the middle of the night.  No worries about making sure my pump is clipped near the sensor so it stays in range.  I felt a little more free.

CGMFriday meant vacation was drawing to a close, so I popped a new sensor in.   And as much as I loved taking a break from the CGM last week, it’s really nice to have it back on again.  It's nice to know with one glace what my blood sugars are doing.  It’s nice to catch a high before it hits 200.  Although an alarm may wake me during the night, I still sleep a little more soundly knowing the CGM is doing its best to keep me safe.  I’m back in love with my CGM.

Our diabetes technologies are blessings for sure.  But sometimes having the option to take a break from one of my d-tech devices is an even bigger blessing.


  1. Oh so true! Being T2 without insulin means I don't use much technology but I can see what a difference it makes in so many lives! I would also hate to have to wait 3 months to find out what my sugars were doing so I'm glad to have glucometers. I once took a day long vacation from being diabetic. I took my meds but didn't measure or think about what I was eating or when. It was heaven!!

  2. Great post, Karen! Thank you so much for participating in and supporting Diabetes Blessings Week!

  3. Thanks so much for writing about this week. I've found in the last couple of days that I've been remembering really happy times in my childhood. Diabetes Blessings week is a perfect opportunity to dig deeper into those memories, and into my psyche now. I intend to take advantage!


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