Monday, February 7, 2011

On adrenaline and stress . . .

This morning started much like any other Monday.  The alarm clock went off way too early.  I packed a lunch for Pete, threw on some sweats, and headed out to drive him to the train station.  As we neared the end of our street, I heard Pete yell.  Then I heard a crunch.  Then the car began to spin and I realized it was no longer under my control.  Luckily, this all happened in a flash and before I knew it our poor car was wedged into the snow and ice on the side of the road.  We were stuck, but we were both just fine.  Everyone in the other car was fine too.



My blood sugars have been amazingly stable throughout the ordeal.  It’s incredible to test and see nothing lower than 91 and nothing higher than 115, but I’m beginning to understand that adrenaline seems to do wonderful things to my blood sugar management.  I remember being surprised at how stable my sugars were two years ago when we were dealing with Pete being mugged.

I know this is temporary.  Once the adrenaline subsides and the stress takes over,  my blood sugars will skyrocket.  But I can take it.  All that matters is that everyone involved in the accident is fine.  The blood sugars?  They are a small price to pay and I won’t let them rattle me one bit!


  1. Very glad you both are okay. :)

  2. Scary! Glad to hear that you're okay.

  3. OK, that is scary. I am so glad that everyone is OK Karen. I hope your blood sugars don't sky rocket too much.

  4. Yikes!!!! So scary!!! I am so glad everyone was OK!

  5. I'm glad that everyone is okay!

  6. Oh MERCY! I am so glad everyone is ok.


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