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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday


Something went really wrong with my CGM sensor insertion yesterday.  I’m not sure exactly what made it kink up inside me like that, but I knew something was wrong when I saw the scrunched up filament sticking out at a weird angle. 


  1. We get those every so often. Sugar Boy is so small I just think the thing doesnt have as much room as it needs in his arm... but whatever. Sometimes the sensor still works, sometimes it error's out. :P

  2. Ouch! It did conjure up an image of a prehistoric mosquito. Like I said, oouuch! Cheers!

  3. That is painful in more ways than one! Our insurance does not cover it because my husband is on medicare so therefore----his supplement doesn't cover it. It is over 100.00 out of pocket when that happens.

  4. EWWW...and "UGH"!!! We had so much blood that the site "floated" out of Joe's bod!!! I hope you were able to get another one in Karen.

    P.S. I heart you big time girl...Do you know that?

  5. So sorry. Hope your Thursday is much better.

  6. My husband has the same one and it has done that when the sensor moves, it can get bunched... Btw, great blog! I will continue to read! You are welcome to read mine as well :)


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