Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I don’t care . . .

I don’t care that shoveling snow is great for my blood sugars.

I don’t care that balmy temperatures would make my insulin go bad.

I don’t care that wearing many layers gives me easy options if I chose to conceal my pump.

I don’t care that freezing temps are perfect for snuggling with K.C. and knitting with warm soft wool - which reduces stress and brings on happiness, which in turn makes blood sugars happy.

I don’t care about any of that, because when it looks like this outside . . .
and it’s snowing and sleeting right now . . .  and another storm is predicted on the weekend?  I just don’t care how great winter can be for diabetes management.  Bring on the summer before I lose my freaking mind!


  1. Just keep thinking about July in Orlando!

  2. We even have some here in Texas. Texas for freak's sake. Texas.

  3. Amen, sister! As I sit here and watch it blizzard out the window. SIgh...

  4. Yep...we are getting a blizzard tonight!

  5. lol
    funny, my blog yesterday was about shoveling with diabetes... we got hit with the storm last night, the difference is that we only have about 8 inches of pre-exsisting snow on the ground. don't worry, i am sure the groundhog will see his shadow today and spring will come soon...if they can shovel him out.

  6. This picture looks just like the front of my house, minus your hubs of course!:) I agree with you, no more snow, and I'm in Iowa! lol :)


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