Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Sprinklers

This summer has brought more tropical weather than I ever remember experiencing in New England.  When I was younger, I would have loved it.  (Although now that I’m older, not so much.)  As a kid, I loved spending hours and hours in the pool.

When my mom needed to get stuff done in the house and couldn’t be out to watch us take a dip, we’d settle for the next best thing.  Mom would set up the hose and sprinkler and we’d have a blast running through the icy spray.

This morning, I encountered a spritz that brought my sprinkler days back.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a cool mist from the garden hose.


It was a warm splash from my veins.  Seconds after I withdrew my lancet and applied gentle pressure to my finger tip, blood splattered all over my right arm and leg.  Not exactly the happy treat I remember from my youth.

But there is always a bright side if you look for one.  At least I wasn’t dressed all in white.  And at least I sprayed myself instead of my beige couch.


  1. Karen! Ewww! ;-)

    I hate those. Especially when it's the middle of the night, you are in bed, and you get it all over your sheets. Ewww. xoxoxo

  2. You could buy a red couch!
    Just kidding.

  3. That's from your FINGER? Good grief!

  4. Ok, I always look at the pictures before I read. And I was way off this time. I thought for sure that was a smushed candy (like a taffy candy in the waxy wrapper). It's only 6 in the morning here, so why I am thinking about candy I have no idea.

    Seriously that's a lot of blood from a lancet.

  5. Argh, hate those. My summer purse and wallet were SO pretty in matching lemon yellow...until I smeared blood on 'em a few days later :(

    It's the Sauna Summer!

  6. wow. well your heart is a lot stronger than mine! i feel like i'm always struggling to get enough blood from my fingers. of course, i keep my lancet on the wuss setting (1)...

  7. Dude. That was totally not where I thought you were going with that post. Blood. Such a visual reminder that what we live with is pretty brutal really.


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