Thursday, August 26, 2010

Share your T2 Diabetes experiences and feedback . . .

Are you a member of WEGO Health?  You should be!!  If you aren’t familiar with the site, WEGO Health is a great place to connect with Health Activists who advocate for just about any condition you can think of.  You might remember my post about the inspiring Health Activist meet up last April.  A second meet up is planned for mid-September, so if you are in the Boston area and are interested in attending you should check out the Event Page.

Another exciting opportunity you should check out is an online panel to discuss Type 2 diabetes.  WEGO is looking for people with Type 2, people who are caregivers to someone with Type 2, and people who participate in discussions about Type 2.  I have Type 1 but as a member of the D-OC, I've had plenty of great discussions with my Type 2 friends and read some wonderful Type 2 blogs. (Hi Rachel!! Hi Bob!!)

Want to learn more?  Marie was kind enough to send me the following information to share with anyone who might be interested. 

Join WEGO Health’s new Online Panel for Diabetes Health Activists
In their ongoing work to empower Health Activists, WEGO Health is hosting an Online Panel of Diabetes Health Activists.  The panel will “meet” monthly (meetings are held virtually – on the phone and online) to share their feedback and experiences with Type 2 Diabetes communities online.  Panelists will get a $25 gift certificate for each meeting they’re able to attend, and WEGO Health will also make a $200 donation on behalf of each panelist to the diabetes non-profit of their choice.  Please note that this panel is being held on behalf of one of WEGO Health’s sponsors.

Interested in joining the Online Panel of Diabetes Health Activists?
Get started by taking the Diabetes Community Insight Survey from WEGO Health:

Questions about the Panel? Contact WEGO Health at:

Please spend a minute to take the survey.  Your insights could be extremely helpful to WEGO and their sponsor.

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  1. Karen-

    I was thinking about participating but I'm not a T-2:( if there was away around being T-2 I would totally love to be on board.


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