Thursday, May 13, 2010

To carb or not to carb, Diabetes Blog Week Day 4

Day 4 - To carb or not to carb. Today let’s blog about what we eat. And perhaps what we don’t eat. Some believe a low carb diet is important in diabetes management, while others believe carbs are fine as long as they are counted and bolused for. Which side of the fence do you fall on? What kind of things do you eat for meals and snacks? What foods do you deem bolus-worthy? What other foodie wisdom would you like to share?

In my opinion, today's post topic is perhaps the most controversial and sensitive.  Let's face it, food choices play a huge factor in diabetes management.  Most of us have also been told more times than we can count that we "can't eat that" by people who have no idea what they are talking about.  The choice of what we eat and how much of it we consume is personal.  To each their own.  I hope all posts are read with respect and that we can keep Diabetes Blog Week a judgment-free zone!!

That said, my own dietary habits are an odd mix of good intentions and lack of willpower and I am constantly judging myself and my food choices.  It's rare for me to come across a junk food that I don't like, so it's a constant battle of what I should eat and what I want to eat.  I have never believed in eliminating entire food groups from my diet - especially the chocolate food group or the junk food group.  (Those are part of the pyramid, right??)  I do try not to go overboard - although I quite often fail.  I also try to buy organic foods when possible - from fruits, vegetables and meats, to coffee, half & half, cookies and chocolate.  It is my own little way of pretending my junk is healthy!

To tackle the actual carb issue - yes, I carb.  I do try not to go overboard because I don't like to spike way up after my meals.  I try to keep my carb intake between 20 - 35 grams per meal and 10 -15 grams per snack.  I have a higher carb ratio at dinner time (13:1 as opposed to 10:1 the rest of the day), so I can get away with a few more carbs at dinner without shooting over the 200 mark blood-sugarwise.  (Yes, I'm making up words now).

Of course, this sensible eating plan gets thrown right out the window on many occasions - I'm not going to lie.  When we go to the awesome Mexican restaurant near our house, I eat more than my fair share of chips and salsa.  (But in my world salsa is a vegetable - so really, it's healthy!!)  Every Friday in my house is "Pizza and Martini Friday".  Yes, I've switched us to Newman's Own pizza and we now use organic juice in the Pomegranate Cosmos - but even I can't figure out a way to convince myself that half of a frozen pizza and a vodka drink (or two *wink*) is a low carb, healthy choice.  Yet Friday dinners are my favorite.

And if you come to my house for dinner tonight, you'd better make sure you bring an extra bottle of insulin.  Because tonight I'm giving in to another craving and making this . . .

Ah, a big plate of creamy carby goodness.  I suppose I should curse the day I learned how easy it is to make risotto . . . . but I don't!!


  1. ohhh, risotto. We didn't discover it until RIGHT before I was diagnosed. woe is me, though if it's presented as a side at a restaurant, I'll go for it.

  2. It didn't occur to me that this topic would be controversial, but I suppose it is. There are so many ways to approach managing diabetes and of course food is a big part of it. What is right for one person may not be right for another person, but that doesn't make it wrong for anyone. It will be interesting to see how Caleb's attitude about food changes as he grows up, although I'm betting slime will remain something he excludes from his diet.

  3. I almost posted a photo of risotto with my carb post today!

  4. You're right, this is a controversial topic. But I find it interesting that already I feel like the diabetics I have found on Twitter, the ones I have always been intimidated by because they seem so diabetically perfect, are real people just like me. I think today's writing assignment will open people's eyes to what diabetics really think about food.

  5. YUMMMMM, risotto. If risotto is wrong then I don't wanna be right! I have a favorite recipe, Parmesan and Garlic. Seriously, yum.

    Now I have a craving. . . luckily I have organic arborio rice at home! I know what I'm having for dinner! ;-)

  6. I didn't realize this one would be controversial either, though have just been in the t1 world for a year now as a Mom. It still amazes me that we've learned so much, yet there is still so much we have to learn!

  7. Okay - I'm coming over for dinner with a bottle of red wine!!! My only problem with carbs - I never seem to be able to shed that extra bit around my waist line - tho' right now with being back to MDI (multiple doseage injections) - it's coming in handy.

    So, below is my blog post today for like others say - a controversial subject - but whatever works for each person is what counts the most. I love reading how others handle this energy food that our bodies require to maintain itself!

  8. I live for risotto. In fact, I mentioned risotto in my 'to carb or not to carb' blog post too! My husband and I started making it just after I was diagnosed with celiac and, let me tell you, it made the transition to this whole gluten-free thing a lot more enjoyable!

  9. OMGosh I NEED to learn to make risotto....stat!! I love it and thought that it would be difficult to make because it tastes so good so I never looked up a recipe. I'm going to NOW!!

  10. This post is great! I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone in my food choice decisions. I'm so addicted to junk food and really have problems picking good meals, etc.

  11. I think our food pyramids are exactly the same...


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