Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diabetes Trash to Diabetes Treasure

The idea of using "diabetes trash" to make art isn't new to me.  My fabulous friend Lee Ann introduced me to this idea quite a while ago.  In fact, she often blogs about the great art therapy sessions she's done involving "d-trash" and I hope to have the opportunity to participate in one some day.

So when Dana sent me an email asking if I could help spread the word about her need for supplies for a diabetes-art project, I was thrilled to help.  In Dana's words
"I am a Type 1 artist, working towards my Masters in Fine Art. My latest body of work  deals with diabetes in theme as well as materials. I am in search of expired or used Medtronic pump equipment packaging. In particular the MiniMed Quick-Set Paradigm."
Here is a picture Dana sent me to show exactly which part of the packaging she is looking for.

If you'd like to send your insertion set packaging to Dana, please shoot me an email and I'll pass along her information to you!


  1. I'd like her info- I have plenty of those little plastic things to send out..and it will be green!

  2. These look like they're attached -- are they? I have tons, but they're all separate little thingies.

  3. Sounds like a neat project - I know I always love seeing Lee Ann's stuff!


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