Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet, Sweet San Diego . . .

So as it turns out, Pea got sent to San Diego for work last week.  I decided to tag along, and we managed to fit some play time in too.

San Diego is the sweetest city I've ever seen.  The weather is sweet.  The beach is sweet.
It was about 80 degrees and I got a bit sunburned, and I loved it.  I can now say I've touched the Pacific Ocean as well as the Atlantic.  And wwwaaaayyy out there?  It wasn't Long Island, like when I look out at home.  It was Mexico.  Wow.

The Trolley Tour was sweet.  We saw Old Town, where we ate the best Mexican food ever.
Yup, Mexican two days in a row. Poor Dual Wave feature really got a work out.

We saw the sweet Gas Lamp district, where we had many an awesome breakfast at Richard Walkers and found those incredible cupcakes from my last post.  And we hopped around sweet Seaport Village to see the sights and browse the shops.

We found a sweet spot in Balboa Park to enjoy some southern California scenery.

But by far, the sweetest thing about San Diego was the fact that I was going to be meeting up with the D-OC's own Ninjabetic, George!!!  Even sweeter was that he had a little surprise for me.  He brought Scott with him!!  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  Could my smile have been any bigger?
It was a bit surreal and I was a wee bit confused when George said he brought a friend.  I knew it was Scott the minute I saw him, but I knew Scott doesn't live in California and it took my brain a minute or so to work the whole thing out.  I would have loved to have seen the look on my face.  (Guys, did I look like I didn't know what the heck was going on?)

We had a wonderful dinner at Denny's where we ate, talked, laughed and cried.  Not to worry, we only cried because we were laughing so hard.  We had the best waitress ever.  Scott had some fun by convincing her that we travel around the country eating at as many Denny's as we could find.  She was an incredibly good sport though.  Of course, she won George over when she brought him a whole carafe of Diet Coke.  See it in the front of the picture?  (It's empty, of course!) 
And yes, that's my infamous sunburn. In February. A SUNBURN IN FEBRUARY!! YEE HAA!

Our meet-up was over far too soon, but we had  to be up at 3am catch an early flight out.  And now, we are home, sadly, where it is barely above freezing and there are no Ninjabetics or Surprise Scotts.  But for them, the adventure continues.  Pop on over and hear about it here.


  1. So glad you could get away after your recent stress.
    Great pics of you guys together!
    What do they knit in San Diego - fishing nets?

  2. Ohhhh FUN!!! That was so cool of George to bring Scott along :) It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  3. Wow, it looks like you had an awesome time!! And I'm so jealous you got to hang out with George and Scott! So cool :)

  4. Sounds & looks like a blast!!!!

  5. And now the tears are falling. What a great time and yes it was way too short.

    I think that is so we can make sure to meet up again. Say hello to Pete please, we was awesome.

    I missed you as soon as we left the restaurant. :( Til next time!!!

  6. OMG what an AWESOME surprise!! (And didn't I do a good job keeping my mouth shut? I didn't blab a peep, if that makes any sense.)

    Great pics, Karen. And I hope K.C. did okay at the kennel! :)

  7. So cool.

    Yes, please say hello to Pete. You two had George and I in stitches laughing so much!

    Our waitress was so awesome, and I think she believed we were some Denny's nationwide secret shoppers or something. It was so great! :-)

    Thank you Karen and Pete for hanging out with George and I. We really enjoyed it.

  8. Woo hoo!!! So glad you had a great trip!

    And what a surprise, to us too, as to who you got to meet!!!! ;-)

    So awesome.
    I'm sure K.C. is happy to have you back home too.

  9. LOL! George and Scott surprised Jamie and I...hahaha I was driving I'm the parking lot and started screaming when I saw George then Scott. I'm glad you and your hubby enjoyed your trip to Cali w/ a little extra twist.



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