Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yup, I'm a Moron too!

All over D-Blogville, people have been fessing up to Moronic Diabetes Behavior. Well, it's time for me to come clean.  I, too, am a Diabetes Moron.  (And at times, just a moron in general!)

Soon after getting my pump, I discovered how much I like the Blood Glucose Check Reminder alarm.  When I bolus for a meal, I set the alarm to beep me when it's time for my 2-hour post meal check.  Of course, when it goes off, I'm not always ready to check RIGHT THEN.  Sometimes I need to finish the sentence I'm typing.  Sometimes I need to finish knitting the row I'm working on.  You get the idea.  So I've gotten into the bad habit of taking out my pump, clearing the alarm, and letting it sit in my lap until I'm ready for my finger-stick.

Here comes the Moronic Part.  Quite often, my meter is not an arms length away from where I am sitting.  So I get up to retrieve it.  WITHOUT REMEMBERING THAT MY PUMP IS RESTING ON MY LAP!  That's right, it dangles from the tubing and does a little bouncy thing I like to call Bungee Pumping.

One of these days, I'm going to bungee a site right out of my body.  And then, I'll be the Queen of the Morons!


  1. HAHA. I do that almost everyday at work. Pull out my pump from my pocket (because my clip broke) clear the alarm and then a few minutes later I have to get up for whatever reason and..... BOOOING! there goes the pump. So far I haven't yanked it out doing it.

  2. Welcome to the club!!:)

    We used the alarm for a little while, but then it became annoying when it was beeping and we didn't want to check...or we would forget it at night and J.J. would wake us up at weird times.

    As far as finishing a row..the other night hubby had set his alarm to check J.J., but I told him I would do it if I were still up. At one point I looked at the alarm and it was one minute before the time to go off. BUT I didn't know if I had a full minute or just 10 know what I mean? So here I am looking at my row half done, then looking at the clock....which is across the room...then back at the knitting...I am knitting on circular needles, which really tends to lose my knitting if I just set it anyway...this debate was raging, but it was urgent that I turn off that alarm....I ended up grabbing my entire knitting bag and running across the room. I chuckled at myself...I must've looked like a MORON!! See I am a moron!:)

  3. I use the long tubing so I don't have any bungee pumping. However, I've been known to walk around in various states of undress letting it drag behind me. Jason keeps telling me that's not good for my pump, but so far I haven't had any problems ;P

    I used that post-meal BG check alarm for a while, until it started to drive me crazy. It's a nice feature, but eventually I turned it off.

  4. Karen -
    I've "bungee pumped" right out of my infusion set, and boy does it hurt! At least I have name for it now!

  5. Bungee pumping! I love it! I do that a LOT.


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