Monday, January 19, 2009

Did I really eat the pizza??

Saturday evening, once we got K.C. all set up and settled, neither Pea nor I felt like cooking dinner. He offered to run out and pick up a pizza. I agreed.

Pizza is a tricky thing for diabetics. All the carbs and fat and protein really make the blood sugar hard to control. Since getting my pump, I had found a "Pizza Bolus Combo" that seems to work fairly well for me. I was excited to eat pizza now that I have the CGM so I could see what I needed to fine tune on my Pizza Bolus.

Here's how things went:
  • 7:30pm - 74 - glad the blood sugar was finally down because I had been running high all day. Bolused 40% up front and 60% over 2 hours. Ate pizza as soon as Pea got home with it.
  • 8:16pm - 52 - felt a little funny, and CGM Low Alarm buzzed. Finished pizza and drank Motts Tots Juice box, 13g carbs.
  • 10:00pm - 51 - what the hell? Ate small package of Swedish Fish, 14g of carbs.
  • 10:32pm - 67 - going to bed. Not worried about low reading, because I'm sure I'm on the rise. Glad to have CGM, just in case.
  • 11:26pm - 43 - CGM alarm woke me up, thank goodness. Drank my second Motts Tots Juice box of the night. 13g of carbs. (again)
  • 1:57am - 54 - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! 54 after pizza, 2 juice boxes and Swedish Fish?? Did I really eat the pizza, or was it just a dream? Has my pancreas decided to work again??? Ate small package of Sour Patch Kids, 14g of carbs. So ticked, went back to sleep without rebrushing teeth.
  • 7:04am - fasting blood sugar of 106.
please note: Blood sugars are from finger-stick results, not CGM results. Although the CGM was pretty accurate too.

So yeah, not quite sure exactly what was going on. After eating pizza, I usually see a rise around midnight and need to bolus a small correction. Now I'm wondering if I was bottoming out and not feeling it, and then rebounding around midnight. Have I really been over-bolusing that much for pizza? The only way to find out is to see what happens next time. But for now, I think that pizza was mocking me!


  1. O.

    I say this because my last bout with pizza turned into 48 hours of 300s and pure hell!

    Once a month or less I have pizza. I love it, love it so but have never found a combo that works.

    Of course it's easy to say the pizza was mocking you, as was your pancreas. But maybe for whatever reason you need to try a different combo bolus.

    I was never taught how to use it on my pump (Animas 1250). My pump specialist at the time said I would never use it.

    There are times I think it would be good, pizza especially. But I am reluctant to even Try it.

    Whoa, lows after pizza. Unheard of.
    Maybe all the adrenaline of getting KC was just in overdrive?

    Whoa with the Question Mark personality coming out, eh? Jeez.

    Good luck and let us know about the next battle of Pancreas/Pump/CGM vs. Pizza. ;-)

  2. I laughed that you didn't brush your teeth. I don't know how many times I've eaten hard candies or spice drops or tootsie rolls late at night or early, early in the morning to get my BG up and thought to myself, "I should really go brush my teeth", but then just went right back to sleep.

    That makes me want to eat pizza, but the way my BG's have been, I'd end up in the ER, and your guess is as good as mine whether it would be for an unconscious hypo or DKA.

  3. Hi Karen, I've just started reading your blog recently :]

    pizza = evil !
    I've always thought that.

    That really is strange, though I suppose it's better than running really high because of it.

    I like your way of thinking, "The only way to find out is to see what happens next time" - hopefully your next time eating pizza won't be as eventful :]

  4. I cringe anytime I think or hear another Diabetic playing Pizza russian roulette. Pizza is pure evil. No matter what combo bolus or trick I try, it never fails that I will be battling 300-400s hours later.

  5. You achieved "Blood Sugar Nirvana" and then some after eating Pizza!

    I have no explanation for the unexplained lows except for $h*t happens sometimes - even when Diabetes and pizza are involved!

    PS - How is KC?

  6. =O ouchh. I get the 1hr lows after pizza, but ALWAYS get the fat spike afterwards. wow. sorry, that sounds like a bad BG night..


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