Thursday, November 13, 2008

Putting out an A.P.B. . .

Sound the alarms!  My motivation is missing.  Last seen just two days ago.  Desperately needed and missed.  Lack of motivation has caused the skipping of two workouts.  Blood sugars are expected to soar.  It is believed my motivation took off when the skies turned gray and Mother Nature decided to send cold weather and rain.  Depression has followed.

Anyone seeing my motivation is asked to please report it immediately.  Reward may be granted upon safe return home.

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  1. Perhaps it's at the bottom of the knitting basket.........a couple of days ago I found 3 skiens of yarn that I don't even remember buying. Sheesh.
    I think it's the weather. The longer periods of darkness; the upcoming holiday stress. I feel drained just typing this.
    Give yourself some time for rest and renewal.


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