Saturday, November 29, 2008

Are you stil hungry?

Okay, so I failed my "post every day this week" goal by missing yesterday. I'd blame it on a Turkey Hangover, but I really didn't stuff myself silly on Thanksgiving. I guess that's why I can still think about food. I had some bananas that were way too ripe, so I decided to bake up some banana muffins. I have plenty of banana nut recipes that I like, but I decided to try a new one this time. I gave Rachel's Version of Banana Bread a try.

Oh my goodness.

I don't think I'll ever use another banana bread recipe again! I made a few mods, but they were minor. First, I cut the whole recipe in half. It still made a dozen muffins, which is plenty for me and Pea. Second, obviously, I made muffins instead of breads. I baked them just like I bake any other muffin recipe, for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. And lastly, because I was lazy, I didn't do the topping. I'm sure it's awesome, but I loved these muffins without it. If a banana muffin had a torrid love affair with a bag of granola, these muffins would be their sinful love-child. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm still trying to work out the carb counts on these. I looked up a bunch of banana nut muffin recipes and they seem to average about 18 - 24 grams per muffin. From the two times I ate these, I'd say they fall toward the lower side - but remember, your body may process the ingredients differently than mine does. Use your best judgement and be sure to check your blood sugar frequently until you figure out how to bolus for these.


  1. I've only ever used Splenda in my cranberry sauce. I'm suspicious of using it in baking/bread products as I can't help but think the results are affected. Have you used Splenda to bake much? I'm tempted to try these muffins - once I recover from making Thanksgiving dinner that is - because your description about the torrid love affair is irresistible! I'm not a fan of white chocolate, so I'm thinking I'd skip that and maybe double the dark chocolate or add semisweet instead of white.

  2. Those do look GOOD!

    My family has been eating the banana chocolate chip bread I brought. Yum!


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