Thursday, July 3, 2008

I knew it . . . .

Remember in my last post, where I said I shouldn't mention that my blood sugars have been great because I'd probably jinx myself and be plagued by high readings? Yeah . . . . I was right. I should have kept my big mouth shut!

A random sample of how my daily blood sugars look goes something like this:

67 96 90 65 115 124 130 87 90

Pretty good, huh???? But, after jinxing myself on Tuesday, yesterday looked like this:

193 129 195 67 90 160 167 178
and 251

(the 251 is at 2:43 am, which is technically today not yesterday, but I count it as yesterday because I don't start my day at 2:43 am)

Okay, okay, I know things are bound to go hay-wire sometimes. And the bad readings are probably NOT due to the fact that I posted about good blood sugars for all the world to see - thus banishing myself to a Diabetes Smack-Down via bad readings.

The frustrating thing, as I'm sure you all can guess, is that I have no clue why my blood sugars are suddenly soaring (besides the whole jinx thing). Maybe I've been a bit less active due to the hot and humid weather we've been having - but we had our weekly ballroom dancing lesson last night, and my overnights always rock after that. (So why a 251?????) I don't feel any more stressed out than I usually do (I can always find SOMETHING to stress over, but nothing new there). And it isn't the right time of month for the hormone roller-coaster.

Rather than dwell (and stress) over it too much, today I'll be a little more active, drink a lot more water (which I've been slacking off on lately) and hope my Blood Sugar Jinx wears off soon! I'll also test a few extra times. Gee, wouldn't a CGM really come in handy right now???

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  1. Karen,

    Remind me again how long you have been on the pump?
    First and foremost, STOP. ;-)
    9 times out of 10 you will have a list of 30 factors to consider when you see your blood sugar level. And 9 times out of 10 you will have No Idea Why.
    So take a deep breath and realize that Overall you are in Great Health.
    T1s can be so hard on themselves. Believe me. After 23 years you learn what is important and what to Not Dwell on. ;-)
    I talked to Ashley over at Snackrafices last night for over 3 hours about all of this. She has had T1 for 15 years. It is a process. A huge learning curve because the constant in our lives is Change.

    You are doing SO good and sometimes you will have those unsightly high readings. And most of that time, there is not way to pin point why.

    The #1 rule I was taught 3 years ago when I was in pump training:
    "You could have the most world renowned scientist genius follow you around every day making sure you do the same thing, same time, same food and it is a Guarantee that you Will have Different results."

    It is an adjustment overall. It is not You, per say. It is your body adjusting to the new insulin therapy.

    Hang in there hon and I agree on the CGM, SO agree!!! Could have used it this week with the meds, surgery, recovering. Ugh! But I am doing much better than before.

    And thank you so much on the comment. They are just so adorable. Adison came in at 5lbs 13oz, Liam at 4lbs 7oz. They are so precious. I met them yesterday. Spent about 2 hours with them. I loved them as soon as I saw the first sonogram and started to fall in love as they grew. Yesterday, I fell in love all over again. Oh the faces that Liam makes! He loves to "crinkle" his brow. I kept telling the little peanut (officially dubbed his nickname) that if he kept it up he would look like an old man at age 2! hee hee. And Adison Loves to stick her tongue out no matter what is going on! They have such distinct personalities already! SO precious! And then seeing my nephew, the Big Bro, with them was amazing. He wanted to hold them all the time and fed Adison for the first time yesterday. He did SO good! So mature for 9. Gosh I could go on and on!!! Sorry for the long comment!

    Again, You are doing great! Give yourself a break.....
    Hope you're having a great day.



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