Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How can you laugh when you know I'm down

Just like The Beatles song, "I'm down (I'm really down)".

Don't get me wrong . . . my mood is just fine. It's my blood sugars that are down. Really down. (Well, actually no . . . not really down . . . just kind of down.)

The weird thing is, things have been pretty level for the past few weeks. But now, suddenly, lots of lows. The details:
  • 56 - before dinner yesterday. Ate 14g "fast acting carbs (yum)" , then bolused for and ate dinner.
  • 51 - 2 hours after dinner. Ate another 14g of carbs, then had a big spoonful of frosting. Then, although I knew I was over-treating, I ate three cookies. Yup, it was one of those lows where I couldn't stop eating. I decided to bolus enough to almost cover the cookies, so I wouldn't spike too high.
  • 139 - 1 hour later and before bed. Seemed good, but I set my alarm for 3am in case I was still spiking up.
  • 2ish am - while half asleep, decided I was fine (didn't feel thirsty and didn't have to pee), so I shut off the alarm. Had I been fully awake, I would have tested anyway, regardless of how I felt.
  • 58 - fasting sugar this morning (I was shocked that it was so low). My Bolus Wizard and I agreed that skipping the normal .7 unit bolus I take to cover my coffee would work just fine.
  • 94 - Yes!!! In the good range before breakfast. Ate my usual 1/2 cup Fiber One and 1/2 banana and took .1 unit less than my usual bolus.
  • 97 - 2 hours after breakfast. That's a bit low after only two hours, with insulin still on board. I had a snack and only bolused for half the carbs.
  • 52 - before lunch. What the heck!!!! Good thing I didn't spend the morning cleaning the house like I had planned!!
  • 143 - 2 hours after lunch. That's more on target for an after-meal reading.
Just another case of "don't know how, don't know why". Oh well, at least it seems to be Getting Better. "A little better all the time (It can't get no worse)" (Well, actually yes. . . it could . . . let's just hope it doesn't!!)

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  1. ugh, that is frustrating! I hope you get it figured out!


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