Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Diabetes Day Off....

“Closed”Pete and I have often discussed giving me a Diabetes Day Off.  Of course, it wouldn't really be a day off from diabetes because that just isn't about to happen any time soon.  But the idea is that Pete would take over all of my diabetes tasks for a day.  When my blood sugar needed checking, I'd give him the finger (so to speak) and he'd do the rest.  He would do all the carb counting and I'd happily let him program the bolus on my pump.  He would follow my CGM data on his phone.  I'd even put him in charge of a site change if I needed one.  Basically diabetes would be out of my hands (and hopefully off my brain) for one complete day.

As I've said, we've talked about this often.  He's even gone as far as to say "Let's give you that Diabetes Day Off on Saturday.".  But as soon as I agree, he begins to think of reasons to postpone.

I get it.  I'm sure the thought of doing diabetes is scary for him.  Insulin can be very dangerous, and too much or too little can have some very serious consequences.  I'm pretty sure he is terrified of really hurting me.  And if I take a moment to try to see it from his perspective, I totally get it.

So onward we go.  He is a fantastic supporter and he helps out a lot.  I often give him the finger (so to speak) and he'll do a sugar check.  When I'm low he'll get me the juice or candy.  But the overall diabetes management continues to be all mine, all day, every day.  And I guess I'm okay with that.  I don't want to put stress and pressure on him to take over when it makes him so uncomfortable.

It sure is nice to dream about a Diabetes Day Off though.....


  1. A day off? LOL, I do not think I could give up diabetes for even an hour. I have of course given it up for a day, but that was the day I had open heart surgery. Not a great way to give up diabetes. But come to think of it, it was nice to give it, even if I do not recall doing it.

  2. It's heartwarming to read stories of supportive spouses and partners. Keep them coming!

  3. A day off....sounds like a dream. My husband remarked that I was in need of a day off over the weekend.

    Maybe start with a few hours off, or a night off, and work up from there? My husband does nights for me if I want to go to sleep but my BGL is acting up, he'll check my BGLs and bolus for me or wake me up if I need sugar.

  4. Way to go Pete!!! It's soo inspiring to see the support and love u get from Pete!! U definitely found a good man to spend the rest of ur life w!!!

    My hubby is very supportive too and thru dexcom "share" is learning what my BG does on a daily basis. Plus, I put stickers on the kitchen calendar to mark whan I've changer my set & also my dex sensor. Hubby is definitely getting the concept that D is a full time job!!

    U and Pete make an awesome team!!! HUGS!!!

  5. What a great idea! Especially if you have the support of a loved one who is willing to take it on for a day. One day off doesn't sound like much but in the eyes of a diabetic dealing with it every minute of everyday, I am sure that day feels like a lifetime! Carry on and enjoy your day!!


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