Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Feeding the Soul - #cwdffl16 Part 1 . . .

In 2011, Pete and I attended our first CWD Friends for Life.  And we happily went back for the following three years.  But last year, we decided Pete deserved a vacation that DIDN’T revolve around diabetes.  #blamePete  Okay, okay, that isn’t entirely true.  We decided together that we both needed a year when our vacation dollars were spent on something without a diabetes focus.  Sure, we can’t really take a vacation from diabetes, but going somewhere non-diabetes related is important sometimes.  And so we took a Canada / New England cruise, which was a fantastic adventure.  But we missed FFL.  A lot.

So this year, it was time to go back.  And we’re both thankful that we did.  Friends for Life is more than just a conference for us.  It’s also a family reunion and a vacation and a second home and a bunch of other indescribable things with a ton of happy feelings.  It’s a week when I get to hang with some of my most favorite people from the internet.  In short, it feeds my soul.  And here is why . . .

DisneySpringsI got to spend time with Cara and Becky.  Cara and I call ourselves twins because we were born on the same date and are so much alike. So time with her is always wonderful. And finally meeting Becky in real life, who came all the way from the UK, was a huge treat this year.

RickTripI've been Twitter pals and blog pals with Rick and Trip for quite some time. Finally getting to hang with them in person was priceless!

NewEnglandersI reunited with my fellow New Englanders in the expo hall.  Funny thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever actually been in New England when I’ve seen any of them.

DinnerDinner and silliness are always important!!  I love this crazy bunch.

WilTripI had no idea Wil would be attending, so seeing him was a very nice surprise.  He wrote a great post about his experience as a first-timer this year.

DontStopBelievinDiabetes can feel so isolating at times.  Working primarily from home in the on-line world also feels very isolating.  So spending the week in a place where I felt decidedly not-isolated was exactly what my soul needed.  And exactly what Friend for Life gave me.


  1. You know, I don't think I took even one photo of my friends while I was there. Good thing I have your wonderful post to look upon and remember. Thanks!

  2. Hey I know some of those folks. Of course that one sort of dorky guy in the second picture, now he looks shifty to me.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of July 18, 2016.

  3. I'm so BUMMED I missed FFL this year but I have to spread my money around and I'm going to the Diabetes Unconference this year in Atlantic City & last year I went to AADE15. But I totally agree about being w other T1D's who understand us is soul filling!! Glad u and Pete went back!! And it's on my calendar for next year!! HUGS!!!!

  4. So glad you came this year... loved seeing you. And Pete too, of course!

  5. You are such a wonderful person, Karen. Thank you for writing this and sharing about the importance of getting together to hug it out. ❤️

  6. Glad you enjoyed yourself! It's always inspiring to see people like you :)


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