Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Ooops . . .

That moment when you’re treating a low and decide to refill your “low bin” . . . .

Jelly beans everywhere.  On the island and on the floor.  Also, not shown in this picture, under the stove, in the pantry and in the dining room.   It seriously looked like the Easter Bunny threw up.  And it took me FOR-EVER to get them all gathered and into the garbage.  I think my cat might still be batting a few around.



  1. I suspect that you will continue to find rogue jelly beans for years to come. Kind of like Christmas tree needles that I continue to find while vacuuming in July.

  2. Oh yeah! What is it about low blood sugars that make us think it's a good time to practice eye-hand coordination?

  3. Jelly beans are my weapon of choice, too! And does the cat scamper around after the loose ones? Bonus. :)


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