Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spinny Thoughts . . .

I’ve been attempting to write about this year’s Diabetes Unconference for over a week.  Every day I open a blank blog page and start typing.  I ramble and reflect and edit and write some more . . .  and in the end, I delete the whole thing and decided to try again tomorrow.  Sometimes, unfortunately, a well-crafted cohesive post just won’t come.  Instead I just have a bunch of spinny thoughts rolling around in my head.  And so, bullet points will just have to do . . .

  • This year’s Unconference felt different.  Not better and not worse, just different.  It wasn’t The First Year, so things felt more familiar this time around.  I knew how to get around the hotel.  And I had a better idea what to expect.
  • Sessions with other PWDs, where the things we say go no farther than the space we are in, is important and much needed.  Even when the topics feel heavy and dark.  In fact, that is probably when it is most important.
  • And although things can get heavy and dark, things can get just as silly and goofy and light.  Thank goodness for that!!
  • Red eye flights?  Not so much my thing.  And conferences on the West Coast, in general, will take me far longer to recover from than I anticipate.  (Daylight Savings doesn’t help matters either.)
  • Companies who sponsor conferences like this are awesome.  I’m thankful that they see the value in peer-to-peer support.
  • Even if you’ve had diabetes since 1979, there are still new things to learn.

Disclosure:  I received travel assistance by way of a scholarship from DiabetesSisters, which helped me be able to attend the Diabetes Unconference in Las Vegas this year.


  1. I was so glad to see you at the UnConference. Your presence and your contributions were important.

  2. I <3 you! I'm so glad we spent more time together.

  3. The unconference looked like it was so fun. I hope to make it some day.

    I referred your blog to TUDiabetes for inclusion on our blog page for March 21, 2016

  4. Hi Karen,
    It was nice to meet you. Thank you for your kindness to me. My thoughts are still spinny too since the UnConference. SO much to process... hence, I knit!

    1. Thank you for your kindness as well!!! I'm so glad we had TWO chances to talk, since I was very out of it mentally the first time. And yes, knitting is the perfect way to process it all - I haven't knit since I've been back, so maybe I need to get on that!!


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