Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Revisiting: Sick

Pete came home one day last week with a cold.  Of course, as always, he shared.  After four days cooped up in the house together, we both started to feel better.  (Except for the fact that we pretty much wanted to kill each other by that point.)  Luckily, Pete went back to work yesterday . . . . but came home feeling worse than ever.  Things when from bad to worse last night when he proclaimed “Sweetheart?  I think I have pink eye.”.  So he’s off to the doctor today.  Luckily, I’m still feeling much better (just trying to ignore the power of suggestion that is making my eye itch).  But I have a sick husband to take care of and a ton of laundry and cleaning to catch up on.  (And even more, now that I need to disinfect everything of pink eye germs).  So, it seems like a good time to revisit a little rhyme I wrote in 2009 when another cold had me feeling cruddy.

A nose that’s stuffed,
A throat that’s sore,
Blood sugars running high.
Chills and shivers
And ears that ache,
Just make me want to cry.

Some stupid germ
Some mean virus
Has nestled in my head
Making me sneeze
And sometimes wheeze
And turning my poor nose red.

Can't clean or blog
Or do laundry
No treadmill for me today.
Will soup and tea
And a nice long nap
Please make this go away?

I'll watch TV
and get some rest
And have plenty of time to knit.
And hope that tomorrow
when I awaken
I no longer feel like like . . . .


  1. Let's hope today is not pinkish and you feel less like...

  2. Hope you're both feeling better extremely soon.

  3. My person has a nasty cold. I can NOT get it. I am sleeping as far away from him as possible, with my back to him. If he gets pinkeye I will file for divorce.


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