Thursday, December 4, 2014

Motivation . . . .

When I’m really in the throes of diabetes burn-out, I can’t seem to muster the motivation to wear my CGM sensor.  That is where I have been lately.  Until this happened the other night.

Five hours later, when I got up for the day, you can bet I put a new sensor on.  It seems waking at just after 2:00 am with a dangerously low blood sugar was all the motivation I needed.


  1. For whatever reason I never lose the motivation to wear my CGM. I get frustrated when I feel that I am getting inaccurate numbers and I definitely get tired of the alarms. But every time I am without it (usually when I am waiting for replacement transmitter), I see those ugly low numbers like you just experienced. When I use my CGM, I see lows in the 60's and occasionally 50's. Without my CGM the 30's and 40's come back to visit. Good thing to see you back on track, but sorry it took such an ugly BG number to kick you in the butt.

  2. I'm sorry for the nasty scare, Karen. I'm glad you're alright!

  3. I left my Dexcom receiver at home one day this week - in my robe pocket. First time I've done that. I felt like I was missing an arm. I wear mine ALL the time. (But - if I could wear my jammies to work, there wouldn't have been a problem.)


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