Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Strategy . . . .

‘Tis the season . . . . for a bazillion articles with advice on how to handle diabetes during holiday parties.  Everywhere I turn I’m reading game plans for resisting festive treats and eating healthy at celebrations.  And can I let you in on a little secret?  I ignore all of them!

partyI work really hard on my diabetes management all year long.  I’m not perfect - not even close.  Shit happens.  But I follow the game plan my endo and I have come up with and, for the most part, my labs are all good.  We are happy with my A1C.  My standard deviation is fine.  The small bleeds found in my eyes several years ago are long gone.  My hard work is paying off for now.

So, quite frankly, I’m NOT going to eat an apple before leaving for a party so I’m not tempted by the appetizers.  I’m NOT going to fill up on crudité without the dip.  I’m NOT going to choose only lean proteins and vegetables at the buffet.  I’m NOT going to drink sparkling water instead of wine.  I’m NOT going to have only one bite of dessert to taste and pass on the rest.  Don’t get me wrong, if those tips work for you then I certainly respect that.  I’m just not willing to do any of it.

Here is what I will do.  I will pump up a temp basal.  I will estimate carbs and bolus.  I will keep an eye on my CGM graph.  But most of all, I will eat, drink and be merry.  I will have fun at holiday parties instead of worrying too much about what diabetes is doing.  It’s okay if I spike.  It’s okay if I go low.  It’s okay if things are a little off track.  It’s okay,  because it’s Christmas and I deserve to splurge a little and enjoy the season.  I may not get a true break from diabetes, but I’ve earned the right to loosen up a little and just have fun.  And THAT is my holiday strategy this year.


  1. I completely stopped reading those articles. I say, do what you need to do to enjoy yourself. I think that goes for everyone, diabetes or not.

  2. Ooooh, bumping up the temp basal! Good idea! I don't use that enough.

  3. I eat what ever I want 365 days a year. No health problems 33 years of T1.

  4. I agree with you Karen. I'm not a big fan of the "how to survive during the holdays" lists. Diabetes works the same way in December as it does in April or September, so why should I change the way I approach it? I try to match the insulin to the food (I use a square-wave bolus rather than a temp basal; I like to keep them separate and to have an accurate IOB measurement, though in the end it's still the same insulin), and I practice moderation rather than abstinence (relating to food).

    But more than that, I don't like when articles tell me what to do.

  5. I'm with u Karen!!! It's not like I'm indulging 24/7. This is Christmas after all & it only comes once a year. I need to become more comfortable with my temp basal function. I'm a tad intimidated by it. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution. LOL!!!


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