Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What’s That Wednesday - Solution or Problem

So I’ve given up calling posts “Wordless Wednesday” because I’m pretty sure I am never, ever Wordless.  Instead I’ve come up with “What’s That Wednesday” since I always show you a picture and then proceed to explain it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I use to treat my lows.  I’ve gotten pretty sick of juice over the years.  I’ve also gotten tired of glucose tablets, even delicious ones like GlucoLift, so I reserve them for when I’m out and about.  (They’re portable and durable!!)  I’m also trying to break my Pavlovian habit of treating lows with candy, so instead I’m relying on small packets of organic fruit snacks and apple sauce.  But still, sometimes I can’t help but want to treat with candy.  Enter these:


These are Watermelon Rings I found at Whole Foods.  I’m hoping I’m not misguided in believing they don’t have as much bad stuff in them as regular gummies.  Even so, there is still a big problem with these.  THEY TASTE WAY TOO GOOD.  I know I only need one of these to bring up a low.  And it is nearly impossible for me to eat just one of these.  (By the way, I’m not low now but I may have just bolused for and ate one ring while taking this picture.)

And so, my low solution has become my low problem.  Okay, diabetes, you win this time . . . .

****  Update: After doing  more research, I have determined these are Surf Sweets Watermelon Rings.   They are vegan, organic and free of gluten, dairy and soy.  Some Target stores are test marketing them, so I'm on the lookout!!


  1. There's a Whole Foods a block from where I work. Temptation...

  2. Oh my gosh our WF has an insanely enticing, multi-level CAROUSEL of these candies---I bet yours does too. I walk WAY around it. I told Briggy it probably had gluten all over it.

    Your post made me so happy. I love that you ate the candy freestyle. And I love "What's That Wednesday." I have never seen an actually wordless Wednesday ANYWHERE.

    1. What????? Multi-level carousel??? Mine most certainly does not have that. If I'm lucky, I can find these either in the bake shop or at the end of any random aisle. They don't always have them. And the choices are watermelon or lemonade. Both are good, but WOW, a carousel!! Maybe I'm lucky ours doesn't have that . . . .

  3. Super yummy and smart, I am stealing this idea. I HATE eating chalky tablets. Especially because I think of all the "better" sweets I could be eating in that moment!! My super favorite is skittles too haha!

  4. i like this better... sometimes there are really great stories behind those "wordless" pictures. Also, I love those little watermellon rings <3

  5. I have the hardest time with candy! (Except Airheads) Self control is not my strong point!

  6. Hmm, I haven't seen those...yet. But I have found Whole Food's Sunny fruit slices in the bulk aisle (very similar to the watermelon rings). 4g each. And it's really hard, but they're just for lows. They make going low almost bearable (not really, but dang they taste good!).


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