Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Easy Swap . . . .

In addition to the insulin I need to take to, you know, stay alive, I’m on a vast array of oral meds.  In the morning I take a blood pressure pill, a baby aspirin and iron.  In the evening I take a cholesterol pill and an allergy pill and one evening a week I take a mega-dose of vitamin D.

Night and Day
Well, okay, that’s not exactly right.  See, my morning pills don’t always get swallowed.  I’m excellent at taking my evening dose because it fits easily into my routine.   Take out my contact lenses, wash my face, brush my teeth, swallow my pills.  I do the vitamin D on Wednesday, because I use #DSMA as my reminder.  It works well.

My problem is remembering my morning dose.  I’ve found that taking them on an empty stomach bothers me.  So I need to wait until after breakfast, but I have no set routine to tie them to and I usually just forget.  After trying and trying to make this work, it occurred to me that maybe I should ask my endo if I can switch any of the morning pills to the evening.  His response?  “I don’t see why you can’t switch all of your pills to the evening”.

Yay, problem solved!  Since my appointment on Friday I have not missed a dose of anything.  I wish all of my health problems were so easy to solve!


  1. I tried that once... moving my Synthroid to the evening because I always seemed to forget it in the morning (I asked my endo and he gave the same response yours gave you). I realized, however, that I forgot it even more, so I moved it back to mornings.

    As it turns out, my morning routine is - well - routine. Evenings (especially with two kids) are chaos. I guess moving it back put the thought fresh in my mind. But what works for some doesn't always work for others. As they say, YDMV.

  2. Those vitamin D pills - I ALWAYS forget them.....

  3. I now keep the vitamin D pills on my computer table at work. I figure if I take it 5 out of 7 days a week, I've made progress.

  4. I love our Vitamin D tricks. I take 3 pills when I change my site - every three days :D


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