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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday - Holidays

Last night at my local JDRF Adult group we had a great presentation from my favorite CDE about navigating the holidays, diabetes, holiday stress and FOOD!  Halloween feels like the kick-off to the holiday season, so Molly gave us some great tips for enjoying the holidays and the treats that go with it.  I especially loved this handout to help us count the carbs on some of our holiday favorites!

This year, my biggest goal is not to feel obligated to pack too much in - too much partying, too much holiday baking and shopping, and too much eating and drinking.  Do you have a holiday game plan?


  1. I think the holidays are hard. We made lots of changes last year to our normal routine. It was all for the good but now I have to remember what we did!

  2. Nevermind the tip sheet; I am in love with your cookie jar! Adorbs!

  3. Hi Karen, would you be willing to scan and email me the tip sheet? My email is kathleen.mahowald@gmail.com. Otherwise, I'm not sure if you can post it as a PDF on your blog? It would be great to have it as a resource! Thanks.

  4. I want a copy too! Your cookie jar is very cute. Great plans - just do as much as you want to do. It's all about you.

  5. Plan? No, but you've reminded me of my A1C in January (or thereabouts) which encompassed my "indiscretions" during the October, November, and December holidays. I really felt lousy after seeing that number. Maybe I do need a plan!

  6. I was supposed to have an endo appt in December but my doc will be on maternity leave (I *thought* she looked pregnant at that last appointment). Now I have to decide if I'd rather go in before or after the holidays. :D


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